[To Andrew Walker, Mason, In Town and County of Skelkirk, Scotland] 
Mount Morris Decvr th 6-1842
 Friends I take this opportunity of writting to you to let 
you know that we are all well at present hpping this will find
 you all the same thanks be unto god for it.    we received your
letter on the 27 of October and was verry happy to hear that you 
was all well when it left you. we are situated about the same as
 we was when I wrote last   I have been working for Mr Alyphant 
ever since and I intend to work for him all winter if I be well 
we still live in the same house and we have all enjoyed good 
health since,   our house is very conveniently situated I come 
home every day to dinner and I have a little curley headed boy to 
welcome me we live verry comfortable with not only the misseries
 of life in abundance but the luxeries of life also.   provisions 
are verry cheap this fall   beef is one cent and a half per pound
 take a whole quarter together.    pork is selling for ten shilling
 a hundred weight fat hogs of fourteen weight can be bought for 
one pound sterling,  three year old bullocks good beef   fit for
 killing can be bought for eight Dollars....    Wheat is selling for 
two and sixpence per Bushel British money.   oats at seven pence
 per bushel.  Our scotch friends that have rented farms here are
 like to be all but ruined.    labour is so high and farm produce so
 low it will be as much as they can do to make through Mr Aliphant
 is buying all the wheat that he can get and storeing it up.    he
 bought four thousand Bushels of oats the other week for ten cents 
a bushel he is the only man that is curculating money about this 
place he has built a splendid house for the Episcopal Minister
 and another for the presbeterian Minister,    the public works are
all stopped and money is verry scarce and employment is looking to be scarce
this winter but the generality of the yankees dont
 care much about working in winter any more than they can help. 
the winter has set in a month earlier this season than it has
 done these two by gone years we never use to have much storm
 before the twentieth of December but we have had hard frost and
 snow since the 20th of November this year and all work in the
 ground stopped we have had a fine cool summer what the yankes call 
a cold wet season we have suffered no oppression from heat
 whatever Mr Rome has had the fever and Ague but he has got Better 
again,   we have had a marriage in our scotch settlement they were 
sweethearts in Annandale for three years    they met here by 
acident and got married    in a week after he had wrote home to
 Scotland for a wife at the same time but by good luck she never 
answered his letter.   A great may of the old country girls 
entertain the idea that the Ladies is verry scarce in America.
 they think they could get husbands imediatly if they were here. 
but they are verry much mistaken,    the Ladies are as plenty in 
every place in America that I have been as ever I saw them in 
scotland.   and Ladies they are indeed   their is nothing more that 
I can remember that is worth writting.    Land is getting cheaper
 on account of farm produce being so low,   the temperance cause is
 still going ahed.   every man that withholds his influence from the