[To: Mr. Andrew Walker, Mason, Town and County of Skelkiek Scotland]
Mount MOrris Novber the 4 1843
Dear Friends
 I received your friendly letter of the 11th of april and was verrry happy
to hear that you was all well when it left you I hope this will find you
the same when it reaches you when I received your last letter I concluded
on accusing you with neglect for being solong in writing but now I have as
much reason to accuse myself.  but circumstances alter cases.  We have got
an addition to our family and we concluded on waiting to know what the result
would be before we would writ we have got another boy the 16th of last month.
 He is a fine stout little fellow we have named him Andrew after his Grandfather
at Selkirk.  Margaret was pretty scik but she got smart again in wtwo weeks
we had a scotch girl two weeks a sister to Mr. Rome and we got along verry
well Johney is verry fond of his little brother he can talk like and old
man he says his grandfather and aunt marry lives at Selkirk.  I have concluded
on going farther west next fall and buying land we would have gone this fall
had it not been that margaret was going to be confined the fall is the first
of september and move west then it will take about a week to go where I intent
and then I will have plenty of time to buy and get settled before winter
sets in I intend to go to wisconsin it is said to be as healthy as country
as their is in america and the land is of the first quality it is straight
west from here just the same latitude of Mount MOrris we should go along
with us I would be proud of your society I do not think that you would find
the climate that least disagreeable I have not had an hours sickness since
I came to America and margaret has enjoyed as good health as ever she did
in scotland and better and our Children has nber had any sickness.  Their
is a good many people going from this place to wisconsin one sctoch family
has gone that came out in the same ship with us I had a talk lately with
a sctochmand that owns a farm in Wisconsin he had been all over Canada before
he went there and he says that a man can do better in Wisconsin with five
hundred Dollars than he could do in Canada with a thousand Dollars.  Times
is greatly altered for the worse since I cam to mount morris money is not
near so pllenty and a great many of the working people has not been employed
more that half their time this last summer their has a great many moved away
from the place for want of employment it is not easy for a man to save money
here if he has not steady employment summer and winter and the winter is
long and if he has good wages in summer and idle theree or four months in
winter it makes it small wages for the year roudn I flatter msyelf that I
have been pretty fortunate when I see how others are situated I have wrought
for Mr Aliphat all the time since I came here and my wages has never been
altered but for the better.  The markets is about the same as they were last
year everything in the way of clothing can be bought as cheap at Mount Morris
as at Selkirk with the exception of broad cloth and cotton clothes are cheaper
give my compliments to all inquiring aquaintances and write soon was we are
anxious to hear from you it is so long since we had a letter