cause of temperance is looked upon as an infidel it is so
 intimately connected with Christs kingdom.    Their is a new
 bankrupt law passed lately in Congress and since that their has 
avout 24 people broken down in Mount Morris and taken the benefit 
of it A labouring man can break here as well as the extensivest
 Merchant if he can only get deep enugh in debt.    the law allows a 
man that breaks down to keep three hundred Dollars worth of
 property.   Let me know how William Symington is getting along in
 america.   let me know where Robert Chishom is now.   let me know
 what Adam Lirton is doing give my compliments to JHames Brunton
 of sekirk mills he promised to write to me i believe he has
 forgot i wish you would bring him in mind of it.   I believe I must
 stop here Margaret says that she wants all the other side to give
Marry a blowing up                          
Ashburn November th10
1844 [original of this letter not included] 
Dear Friends
I take my pen in my hand to write to you to let you know 
that we are well hopping this will find you all the same    you
 will no doubt be surpised at being so long in hearing from us the 
reason is this we left mount morris in aprile and came to 
wisconsin.   I did not receive an answer to my last letter from
 you before I left and I left word with a friend at mt morris to get my letter
and forward it to me as soon as it arrived at the 
post office and we kept waiting and expecting a letter every week 
untill we got out of patience and I wrote to an aquaintance at mt
 morris and he informed me that the man that was to forward my
 letter left the place soon after we did.    and we have received
 no   letter from you these sixteen months past we left mt morris
 the i8th of aprile and landed at milwaukee in seven days we came 
all the way by water we came on the canal to Buffalo Got a steam
Boat at buffalo went up Lake Erie out of Lake Erie into Lake St 
Clair out of Lake St Clair into Lake Huron out    of Lake Huron 
into Lake michigan wisconsin is a beautiful Country the land is 
rich and productive and the county is well watered their is
 thousands and thousands of acres of Land can be bought here and
 no timber growing on it for ten shillings an acre I have bought 
one hundred and sixty acres about thirty miles from milwaukee it
 is first rate Land and a beautiful stream of water running
 through it and plenty of sugar maple to make sugar    but if we are 
spared next spring we mean to go in to it our neighbours here
 last spring made from five to twelve hundred pounds of sugar each
 besides,  barrels of molasses and vinegar and sold all the sugar
 that they did not want for their own use for ten cents a pound
 and molasses for six shillings a gallon one gallon of it is worth
 two of the trakel that you buy at Selkirk.    their is a good many 
scotch people here their is ten scotch families all within a few 
miles of us we have two scotchmen for neighbours their land joins
 mine and we have two Englishmen on another side the others ar 
yankes I like the yankes better than either scotch or english for 
neighbours their is a saw mill within half a mile of my house I 
can draw my own  wood to the saw mill and have it sawed and draw