of fifty but what is members of the total abstainance society they are converting
the most of teh Tavern into cold water houses.  I read a story in a newspaper
that happened not far from selkirk not much to the credit of the place twenty
fishers assembled at tweed Bridge on purpose for the give the water Balifs
a Beating and they fell in with Mcgrigon and the galashields constable and
almost killed them there was thirty inches of cuts in Mcgrigon and teh GAlashields
Constable was almost killed.  Sent us a scetch of the affray perhaps I may
have been aquainted with omse of teh fishers.  Their isno news of any importance
since I wrote last every thing is going on smoothly only sometimes they talkabout
fighting the British they say the way that they will shoot them off will
be a caution their army differs considerabley from the British army I have
seen Generals keeping TAverns and groceries and going round lecturing on
temperance and I have often seen Colonels and captains going round looking
for a days work with their hoe over their shoulder.  Be so good as to send
us all the particulars, tell us where John and you intends to work this summer
fill up the sheet 

 Father it gives me great pleasure to hear that you and Marry lives so comfortable
together and it give me great pleasure to look forwad to the time when you
and I will live comfortable together I never intent to return to livein Scotland
again this country is so  much better for any person that has got to work
I have no desire for anything but the society of my friends and I expect
to enjoy it in America

Marry you said if it had been a girl you would have fulfilled your promise
but I am sure when you come and see my boy you will be sorry that you did
not fulfill your promise he is a verrry stout boy of....he is slmost walking
along he is a great trouble to keep just now if I set him in the room to
be out of my way he is at the fire side again before I can turn myself round
he creeps all over the house he has his neb in every thing he resembles his
Fatherin the face but he is fair haird he has got nine teeth my work keeps
me pretty busy as my boy too as the troublesomes of time to keep now I have
had considerable sowing for ourselves I wash every tuesday and Churn every
friday.  Give my kind compliments to Isabella Brown and aunt Nanny and my
uncle.  Give my compliments to Mrs Tretip send word if they have got any
word from their friends yet send us word how Mr Robertsons folk is give my
compliments to Jane Henderson give my compliments to Ann Nilol and tell her
that her present has stood the test well but i have brok it last marry and
you will send us work how little margaret is I ad no more but I expect you
over to drink tea with us ere long Dear Brother you wrote in your last letter
that you was going to astralia I cannot say any thing