[To Mr. Andrew Walker.  Mason, Town and country of Suelkirk, Scotland] 
Mount Moarris Sept
Friends I take my pen in my hand to write to you to let you
 know that we received your letter on the 11 Sept and we was very 
happy to hear that you was all well when it left you and we hope 
this will find you all well as   it leaves us our patience was
 entirley exhausted before we received the letter we called at the post office
almost every day for about three weeks before we 
received it sometimes    Margaret would say I think thel no hae
 gotten the letter Tommy wel hae to write anoher and at other
times she would say I ken well enugh they have gotten our letter 
its just their carelessness I ken frae have and they will never 
hea but if they have gotten our letter and not written all this 
time we will give themd in our next letter we have both enjoyed 
good health since we came here the summer has not been near so 
warm as we expected it would be their was sometimes two or three
 days together pretty warm and then perhaps we would have not a warm day
for a week or perhaps two weeks we had only four hot days in the month of
August and they calculate on August being the warmest month in the eyar it
is verrry pleasant wether just now neither two hot nor two cold they call
it the Indian summer now their is generally two monther in the fall and two
months in the spring of the finest weather that could be desired their is
scarcely any alternation in the price of provisions sice I wrote last floud
is half a Daollar per Barrel higher and Beef and mutton this season it is
supposed that provisions will be as cheap the incoming eyar as they are now
I wrought only three weeks at the canal I have been working all summer by
the Job for a Gentleman from New York that has bought a farm lately within
a mile and a half of Mount MOrris I have done a great deal better than if
I had been working by the day I under brushed 20 acres of new land and heavy
timber was all cut before I had it taken by the acre I am making a New Road
just now I have been working at it the4se five weeks past I have plenty of
work in view for the winter chopping wood or working at the canal but I expect
to be working in a flour mill all winter and general wages for laberours
working by the day is a dall and a half per day the houses are mostly all
wood here but there is a great deal of mason work going on at the canal just
now building lacks and bridges you need not be afraid for work their is plenty
of work and well paid for it people will do nothing for nothing here fold
that can turn their hand to anything is the gold for American it is sposed
that wages will be considerably higher here next year it is getting on for
teh time that the Canal must be finished and they will have to make a push
next season wages was never know to be below a dallar a day at this place
before this eason for laborours the Canal was opened fromwithin a mile of
mount morris to rochester the first of this month so when you come you will
have a water