when the wind began to blow hard they could not take in the sails
 quick enugh the Captain got some of the passingers to put on
s ailors cloths and pass for sailors when the Doctors came on
 board to inspect the crew and passingers at New york if he had
 not done that he would have been prosecuted for going to sea with
 so few sailors and so many  lives at stake   the Docter said that 
he never inspected such a rugged healthy looking lot of 
passingers  in his life we came in to the quarintine ground at six
 ociock on Friday evening it is within seven miles of New york and 
passed the Docter that evening after we had passed the Docter the
 Captain told us that if we got all our Dirty cloths washed we
 would get ashore tomorrow then it was all hands to work men and
 women washing with cold water and the greater part of them with
out soap in two hours the whole ship was clad from bow to stern where ever
they could get a rope to hang them on their was a good
 deal of theiving going on that night I sat up all night watching
 and it was as much as I could to keep them together and me standing beside
them at one oclock on saturday two scooners came 
alongside and took all the passingers and luggage to the custom
 house where it was inspected and then set us ashore at New york
 at seven ociock in the evening we put our luggage in stone house
 all night and slept in a Tavern and at five oclock on sunday
 evening we took the Steam boat up the Hudson River for Albany one 100 and
65 miles and from albany we took the canal to Rochester 200 and 70 miles
and from Rochester we took the coach to mount morris 40 miles and sent our
luggae up the Genese River to a boat we left William symington and his friends
at New York they were going to stop for two or three days we left Robt chisholm
at albany nount morris is a small village on the Genesee River 40 miles above
Rochester it is a beautify Country all round about mostly wealthy farmers
and the greater part of the land cleard unless what is kept for firinng began
to work on the ....of...at....per week wages is lower this year the provisions
are verry cheap Wheat is three shillings and six pence per bushel & it
was three times that last year flour is all sold by the Barrel I bout a barrel
of flour 14 stone weight for fiteen shillings and six pence & their is
a second kind that we could have had half a Dollar hceaper Beef is 2 1/2
D per pound pork 4 D Butter 7 1/2 D tea 2 S a D Coffie 8 D sugar 5 D we can
buy a good sheep for 10 S we have a house taken of one Mr. Rome a scotchman
from Ecchelfeahan he came here in the month of November last he rents a farm
about a quarter of a mile from the fillage his wife and family came out in
the same ship with us she had three small children and her mother with her
we came all the way here together this is allowed to be a verry healthy country
round about here I have felt it considerably warmer in scotland than I have
felt it here yet but they say that it will be warmer in July and August we
have been both in as good health as every we was since we since we got out
of the shop their is a Canal making up the valley it passes close by the
village I am working at it just now