DARE Interview : San Juan Capistrano, California; Primary Informant CA192

  • 1970
  • Informant Data:
  • CA192: White; female; age: 55 (middle-aged); education: college; community type: village
  • CA192A: female; community type: village
  • Media Files:
  • Arthur the Rat. Speaker: CA192 (3:51)
  • Full Interview 1 (Tape 0160-S1). [Additional speakers: Possibly CA192A (Informant's mother)]
  • Content:
  • 00:30 Living in mission town; renovation of chapel, first part of funeral
  • 04:25 Steps leading up to Confirmation—catechism, First Communion
  • 07:10 Funeral processions on foot with candles and white coffin; wandering cemetery after
  • 13:40 Watching an exhumation from mausoleum to private grave—person had not gotten along with family, so his daughter had him moved from family crypt
  • 17:35 Exploring open mausoleum, frightening self
  • 19:40 Recording graves for a college project—area has no old cemetery records
  • 22:50 Arthur the Rat
  • 26:30 Tape end
  • Full Interview 2 (Tape 0160-S2).
  • Content:
  • 00:10 Husband was ranch manager, so she usually went to roundup. Describes old cowboys
  • 04:10 Old woven cowhide ropes made by old Indian who was also mission's bell ringer. Beginning of roundup
  • 08:10 Mexican ranchers who come to Mission Valley roundup to earn cash; branding, castrating, and trimming ears of calves
  • 13:50 Brand 100 or so calves in morning; despite hurry, no one ever got burned but calves. Men who take vacations from town jobs to work roundup
  • 17:10 Cowboy clothes, lunch
  • 20:20 Finish up branding, moving herd
  • 23:05 Moving cattle—used to by train, now by truck. Sometimes trucks roll over and cattle escape
  • 25:00 Tape end
  1. Arthur the rat

  2. Full interview 1

  3. Full interview 2


Ruff, Dale
  • 1970
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