Codman, Ogden
London: B. T. Batsford
New York: C. Scribner’s Sons
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xxii, 204, 8 pages, 56 leaves of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm

  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. [Henri Mayeux quotation]
  4. Table of contents
  5. List of plates
  6. Books consulted
  7. Introduction
  8. I: The historical tradition
  9. II: Rooms in general
  10. III: Walls
  11. IV: Doors
  12. V: Windows
  13. VI: Fireplaces
  14. VII: Ceilings and floors
  15. VIII: Entrance and vestibule
  16. IX: Hall and stairs
  17. X: The drawing-room, boudoir, and morning-room
  18. XI: Gala rooms: ball-room, saloon, music-room, gallery
  19. XII: The library, smoking-room, and "den"
  20. XIII: The dining-room
  21. XIV: Bedrooms
  22. XV: The school-room and nurseries
  23. XVI: Bric-à-brac
  24. Conclusion
  25. Italian gothic chest. Museum of the Bargello, Florence.
  26. French chairs, XV and XVI centuries. From the Gavet collection.
  27. French armoire, XVI century.
  28. French sofa and armchair, Louis XIV period. From the Château de Bercy.
  29. Room in the Grand Trianon, Versailles. (Example of simple Louis XIV decoration.)
  30. French armchair, Louis XV period.
  31. French bergère, Louis XVI period.
  32. French bergère, Louis XVI period.
  33. French sofa, Louis XV period. Tapestry designed by Boucher.
  34. French marquetry table, Louis XVI period.
  35. Drawing-room in Berkeley Square, London. XVIII century.
  36. Room in the Villa Vertemati, near Chiavenna. XVI or early XVII century. (Example of frescoed ceiling.)
  37. Drawing-room at Easton Neston Hall, England. Built by Nicholas Hawkesmoor, 1702. (Example of stucco decoration.)
  38. Doorway with marble architrave, Ducal Palace, Mantua. XVI century.
  39. Sala dei Cavalli, Palazzo del T, Mantua. XVI century. (Example of painted architectural decoration.)
  40. Door in the Sala Dello Zodiaco, Ducal Palace, Mantua. XVIII Century.
  41. Examples of modern French locksmiths' work.
  42. Carved door, Palace of Versailles. Louis XV period. (Showing painted over-door.)
  43. Salon des Malachites, Grand Trianon, Versailles. Louis XIV period. (Showing well-designed window with solid inside shutter, and pictures forming part of wall-decoration.)
  44. Mantelpiece in Ducal Palace, Urbino. XV century. (Transition between Gothic and Renaissance.)
  45. Mantelpiece in the Villa Giacomelli, at Maser, near Treviso. XVI century. (Showing iron doors in opening.)
  46. French fire-screen, Louis XIV period. From the Château of Anet.
  47. Carved wooden ceiling, Villa Vertemati. XVI century. (Showing influence of stucco decoration.)
  48. Ceiling in the Palais de Justice, Rennes. Louis XIV period. (Wooden ceiling imitating masonry vaulting and stucco ornamentation.)
  49. Ceiling of the Sala Degli Sposi, Ducal Palace, Mantua. By Andrea Mantegna, 1474.
  50. Ceiling in the style of Bérain. Louis XIV period.
  51. Ceiling in the Château of Chantilly. Louis XIV period. (Example of chinoiserie decoration.)
  52. Antechamber in the Villa Cambiaso, Genoa. Built by Alessi, XVI century.
  53. Antechamber in the Durazzo Palace, Genoa. Decorated by Torrigiani. Late XVIII century.
  54. Staircase in the Parodi Palace, Genoa. XVI Century. (Showing inter-mural stairs and marble floor.)
  55. Staircase of the Hôtel de Ville, Nancy. Louis XV period. Built by Héré de Corny; stair-rail by Jean Lamour.
  56. Staircase in the Palace of Fontainebleau. Louis XV period.
  57. French armoire, Louis XIV period. Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris.
  58. Salla Della Maddalena, Royal Palace, Genoa. XVIII century. (Italian drawing-room in rocaille style.)
  59. Console in the Petit Trianon, Versailles. Late Louis XV style. Bust of Louis XVI, by Pajou.
  60. Salon, Palace of Fontainebleau.
  61. Room in the Palace of Fontainebleau. Louis XV panelling, Louis XVI furniture.
  62. Lit de repos, early Louis XV period.
  63. Lit de repos, Louis XV period.
  64. Painted wall-panel and door, Château of Chantilly. Louis XV. (Example of chinoiserie decoration.)
  65. French boudoir, Louis XVI period. (From a print by Le Bouteux.)
  66. Salon à l'italienne. (From a picture by Coypel.)
  67. Ball-room, Royal Palace, Genoa. Late XVIII century. (Example of stucco decoration.)
  68. Saloon in the Villa Vertemati. XVI century. (Example of frescoed walls and carved wooden ceiling.)
  69. Sala Dello Zodiaco, Royal Palace, Mantua. (Example of stucco decoration.)
  70. French table. (Transition between Louis XIV and Louis XV periods.)
  71. Library of Louis XVI, Palace of Versailles. (Louis XV writing-table with bust.)
  72. Small library at Audley End, England. XVIII century.
  73. Writing-chair, Louis XV period.
  74. Dining-room, Palace of Compiègne. Louis XVI period. (Over-doors and over-mantel painted in Grisaille, by Sauvage.)
  75. Dining-room fountain, Palace of Fontainebleau. Louis XV period.
  76. Dining-chair, Louis XIV period.
  77. Dining-chair, Louis XVI period.
  78. Bedroom, Palace of Fontainebleau. Louis XIV period. (Louis XVI bed and chair, modern sofa.)
  79. Bath-room, Pitti Palace, Florence. Late XVIII century. Decorated by Cacialli.
  80. Bronze andiron. Venetian school. XVI century.
  81. Index
  82. A list of standard books on ornament and decoration
  83. [Cover]