1. [Cover]
  2. [Title page] Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1945: volume VII. The Far East, China
  3. Preface
  4. Contents
  5. General wartime relations between the United States and China with emphasis on China's military position and United States efforts to give military assistance to China (January-August 11)
  6. Political conditions in China prior to the Japanese surrender; good offices of Ambassador Hurley to end conflict between the national government and the Communists (January-August)
  7. Political conditions in China following the Japanese surrender; continued interest of the United States in efforts to end conflict between the national government and the Communists (August-December)
  8. Questions involving Japanese surrender arrangements
  9. General situation in China following Japanese surrender: civil strife between Communists and national government forces; Chinese government requests for American aid and advice; use of American military forces to aid in evacuation of Japanese from China
  10. Resignation of Ambassador Patrick J. Hurley; correspondence respecting certain charges made by the Ambassador
  11. The Marshall mission: instructions to General of the Army George C. Marshall regarding United States policy toward China; first conferences in China
  12. Discussions at the Moscow meeting of foreign ministers (December 16-26) regarding withdrawal of Soviet and American troops from China
  13. Sino-Soviet relations
  14. Financial relations between the United States and China: efforts to assist in curbing inflation in China; shipment of gold to China; financial settlement of yuan expenditures by United States military forces; Lend-Lease questions; disposal of surplus property; exchange rates, etc.
  15. Representation by the United States regarding registration of American business firms in China; efforts to persuade the Chinese government to modify provisions of proposed company law
  16. Preliminary discussions regarding the negotiation of a treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation with China
  17. Representations regarding Chinese restrictions on remittances to the United States by American film distributors in China
  18. Interest of the United States in plans and policies of the Chinese government for postwar economic reconstruction and in promotion of American trade interests in China
  19. Postwar transfer of foreign diplomatic quarter, international settlements, and concessions to China
  20. Protection of American lives and property in China; repatriation of American citizens interned in China during the war and restoration of American property in liberated China
  21. Arrangements for providing technical assistance from the United States for China
  22. Dissatisfaction of the United States with results of first trial by Chinese court of an American citizen
  23. Reopening of American consular posts in liberated China and requests respecting radio communications
  24. Objections by the United States to the Chinese government's exclusion of certain American press correspondents
  25. Exchange of views between the United States and China regarding the administration of liberated areas
  26. Exchange of views between the United States and China on the future status of Korea and the question of recognizing a provisional Korean government
  27. Index
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