Madison, Wisconsin: Soils Dept., College of Agriculture, University of Wisconsin
Description of Original
384 leaves, [24] leaves of plates : illustrations, maps ; 28 cm

  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. Preface / Wilde, S. A.
  4. Contents
  5. A brief historical review of forest soil studies
  6. Part I. Genesis of forest soils
  7. Chapter I. Nature of forest soils
  8. Chapter II. Parent material of soils
  9. Chapter III. Weathering of rocks and decomposition of organic remains
  10. Chapter IV. Development of soil profile
  11. Part II. The great soil groups of the world
  12. Chapter V. Zonal forest soils
  13. Chapter VI. Intra-zonal forest soils
  14. Chapter VII. Non-forest soils
  15. Part III. Soil as a medium for tree growth
  16. Chapter VIII. Nature of forest cover and relation of forest to environment
  17. Chapter IX. Physical properties of forest soils
  18. Chapter X. Chemical properties of forest soils
  19. Chapter XI. Organisms of forest soils
  20. Chapter XII. Forest humus
  21. Part IV. Soil-forest types
  22. Chapter XIII. Subarctic forests
  23. Chapter XIV. Forests of the Podzol region
  24. Chapter XV. Prairie forests
  25. Chapter XVI. Forests of the Lateritic region
  26. Chapter XVII. Mountain forests
  27. Part V. Analysis of forest soils
  28. Chapter XVIII. Analysis of physical properties of forest soils
  29. Chapter XIX. Chemical analysis of forest soils
  30. Chapter XX. Biological analysis of forest soils
  31. Part VI. Forest soils in relation to silviculture and forest management
  32. Chapter XXI. Forest soil survey
  33. Chapter XXII. Soils and tree planting
  34. Chapter XXIII. Amelioration of soils and planting on adverse sites
  35. Chapter XXIV. Thinning and selective logging on different soils
  36. Chapter XXV. Forest economics as related to soils
  37. Part VII. Management of forest nursery soils
  38. Chapter XXVI. Selection of forest nursery sites
  39. Chapter XXVII. Regulation of moisture content in soils of forest nurseries
  40. Chapter XXVIII. Use of commercial fertilizers
  41. Chapter XXIX. Preparation and use of fertilizer composts
  42. Chapter XXX. Use of liquid fertilizers
  43. Chapter XXXI. Green manures, catch crops and cover crops
  44. Chapter XXXII. Adjustment of nursery soil fertility
  45. Chapter XXXIII. Control of parasitic organisms in soils of forest nurseries
  46. Appendix