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  • 1682
  • Painted. Central reserves with crowns, winged masks, animal heads, tasseled swags, and C-scrolls framing six-part inscription: "[1]/What is a/merey man"; "2/Let him doe/What he kan"; 3/to intertaine/ his gefts"; "4/With Wine/and mery Jefts"; "S/but if is/Wife doth frowne"; "6/all meryment/goofe downe." Rims inscribed "ILK" and 1J682 [1682]" within scrolls and graduated curvilinear motifs. Borders composed of concentric circles.
  • Place of origin: Possibly Brislington

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Description of Original
Delftware, H. (average): 11/8" (2.9 cm); Diam. (average): 9" (22.8 cm)
Location of Original
Longridge Collection : D79
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