Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource
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1 volume (various pagings) : illustrations ; 28 cm

  1. Wisconsin groundwater management practice monitoring project no. 23
  2. [Paper summary]
  3. Table of contents
  4. List of figures
  5. List of tables
  6. Chapter 1: Introduction
  7. Chapter 2: Literature review
  8. Chapter 3: Materials and methods
  9. Chapter 4: Brodhead site - results and discussion
  10. Chapter 5: Mindoro site - results and discussion
  11. Chapter 6: Comparative discussion of the Brodhead and Mindoro ridge and furrow sites
  12. Chapter 7: Conclusions
  13. Chapter 8: Recommendations
  14. Appendix A1: List of references
  15. Appendix A Brodhead: well and lysimeter logs
  16. Appendix B Brodhead: soil analysis
  17. Appendix C Brodhead: wasterwater chemistry data
  18. Appendix D Brodhead: wastewater flows to ridge & furrow
  19. Appendix E Brodhead: Groundwater elevations and contours
  20. Appendix F Brodhead: groundwater chemistry data
  21. Appendix G Brodhead: unsaturated zone references
  22. Appendix H Brodhead: furrow wastewater and lysimeter chemistry data
  23. Appendix I Brodhead: Crop uptake analyses and calculations
  24. Appendix J Brodhead: Sugar River chemistry data
  25. Appendix K Brodhead: nitrogen budget calculations
  26. Appendix AA Mindoro: well and lysimeter logs
  27. Appendix BB Mindoro: soil analyses
  28. Appendix CC Mindoro: wastewater chemistry data
  29. Appendix DD Mindoro: wastewater flows to ridge and furrow
  30. Appendix EE Mindoro: Groundwater elevations and contours. Slug test data and calculations
  31. Appendix FF Mindoro: groundwater chemistry data. Table 5.6 sample calculation
  32. Appendix HH Mindoro: furrow wastewater and lysimeter chemical data
  33. Appendix II Midoro [Mindoro]: crop nitrogen uptake and calculations
  34. Appendix JJ Mindoro: Severson Coulee Creek chemistry data
  35. Appendix KK Mindoro: nitrogen budget calculations
  36. [Cover]