Visual display of the Ferd Herold (Packet, 1890-1919)

Ferd Herold (Packet, 1890-1919)

  • BOAT DESCRIPTION: Sternwheel
  • BOAT TYPE: Packet
  • BUILT: Dubuque, Iowa, 1890
  • BECAME: Hull used as barge, foundered in the Gulf of Mexico late 1920
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Dismantled in 1919
  • OWNERS: 1890: Ferd Herold, Esquire; Unknown: Lee Line, Memphis; Unknown: St. Louis-Memphis Transportation Company
  • OFFICERS & CREW: 1890, maiden trip: Captain Henry W. Brolaski (master); 1890: Captain Milt Harry; 1892: Captain William D. McMannis (master); ca. 1894: Captain R.L. Gaines and Frank M. Cayton (pilots); 1915: Captain Billy Jeffords (master), Will Cumby and Lee Campbell (pilots)
  • RIVERS: Mississippi River; Ouachita River; Ohio River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 2039; Ferd Herold, Esquire, was a St. Louis brewer who financed construction of the boat. His likeness, in the form of a magnified bust, was placed on the forward end of the texas, and later removed to the cabin. She loaded out at St. Louis for Vicksburg and he then placed her in the Ouachita River trade in opposition to the regular line. He quit when he was paid off. She then ran St. Louis-Alton, did no good and was sold to the Lee Line, Memphis. She was owned by the St. Louis-Memphis Transportation Company the last several years of operation. S.C. Edgar was president of the Line, G.F. Lee, vice-president, and J.M. Tucker, general agent at St. Louis. The Ferd Herold ran this trade until July 1919 at which time the Halliday wharfboat at Cairo was sold and the Lee Line wharfboat at St. Louis was discontinued. She was then dismantled. Her hull was used as a barge by Sugar Products Company, New Orleans. It foundered in the Gulf of Mexico in late 1920
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Photo of the Ferd Herold take by B.W. Kilburn at Memphis, Tennessee
  • Ferd Herold (A)