Visual display of the Basket water bottle

Basket water bottle

  • Basket bottle, globular, round bottom bottle shape, tapering into short, straight neck. Three bands of dark twined stripes on body, dark zig-zags around neck. Plain 2-strand twill, S-twining.
  • Condition: Fair. Random assortment of cracks in weaving from age or use.

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Description of Original
Warp: Peeled Alnus sp. shoots (hazelnut), Weft: Deciduous tree roots, Alnus sp., Salix sp. (willow), Populus sp. (cottonwood), or Pinus sp. or other conifers for watertight baskets, Decoration: White-Xerophyllum tenax (beargrass, basket grass), Black-Adiantum sp. (maidenhair fern), 14 x 19 x 14 centimeters
Local identifier
0050, 2013.0017.0002
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