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Visual display of the NG007, Adoration of the Buddha

  1. Black and white photo

NG007, Adoration of the Buddha

  • ca. 0100-ca. 0299
  • Fragment of a flat relief with part of one panel remaining. The panel is defined above by a horizontal moulding decorated with overlapping lanceolate leaves bordered above and below by a plain fillet. There is a plain vertical fillet on the left side of the panel. The panel depicts a seated and haloed Buddha on a low platform with right hand broken but seemingly in abhayamudrā and the left hand broken. The us̥n̥īs̥a is forward and earlobes are elongated. On either side of the halo, stylized radiating branches are depicted. On the Buddha's right side, a young acolyte (perhaps a monk since his head appears shaved) stands facing the Buddha with hands in añjalimudrā. On the top of the stone, there are two square sockets, one with a groove and one deep socket. The underside of the stone is broken. Broken on both the right and left sides. See also, NG119, NG275, NG280, NG291, NG311 and NG326.
  • Location found: Surface