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u                         9  rL 16. S.  JANaVILLE.,WIS. 
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Cunningham Kittie, cook, res. 31 N. Main. 
Cunningham Mary, cook, 71 E. Milwaukee. 
Cunningham Mary C. (Janesville Clothing Co.) res. 311 S. 
CUNNINGHAM MICHAEL A. physician, 8 Lappin's bik. 
(tel. 155; office hours 11 to 12 a. m. 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. in.) 
res. same. 
Curler Eugene, mattressmkr. res. 51 Locust. 
Curler Leslie E. mach. res. 51 Locust. 
Curler Nettie Miss, res. 51 Locust. 
Curler Roy, student, res. 51 Locust. 
Curtess Quiney A. plasterer, res. 110 N. Main. 
Curtis Charles E. carp. res. 211 S. High. 
Curtis Halsey V. drug-clk. 9 N. Main, res. 30 Clark. 
YCurtis Lizzie Miss, matron, Wisconsin School for the Blind, 
res same. 
Curtis Martin G. res. 209 S. High. 
Curtis Milo H. teaming-contr. 209 S. High, res. same. 
Curtis Van Rensselaer R. res. 12 S. Academy. 
Cutts Alonzo K constable, res. 108 N. Bluff. 
Cutts Anna L res. 108 N. Bluff. 
Cutts Herbert A. carp. res. 108 N. Bluff. 
Czirska Joseph, lab. res. 306 Locust. 
DABSON Henry E. res. 161 Racine. 
Dacomine Minnie, domestic, 220 S. Main. 
Daetwyler Arnold, molder, res. 106 Park av. 
Dailey Charles W. (Green Hose Coupler Co.) res. 167 Terrace. 
Daley Mary, domestic, 116 Madison. 
Daley Mary (wid. John) res. 6 Gold. 
Daley Minnie, res. 6 Gold. 
Dalton James, saloon, 264 W. Milwaukee, res. same. 
Dalton John E. gate tender, res. 354 Wall 
Dalton Maurice A. shoemkr. res. 262 W. Milwaukee. 
Dalton Thomas, flagman, res. 264 W. Milwaukee. 
Daly Anna (wid. Bernard) res. 206 S. River. 
Daly Charles H. baker, 19 N. Main, res. same. 
Daly Herbert, farmer, res. 108 Glen. 
Daly John, bartender, res. 67 W. Milwaukee. 
Daly John W. res. 302 S. Academy. 
Daly Maggie, domestic, 156 S. Jackson. 
Daly Michael F. baggageman, res. 302 S. Academy. 
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