Visual display of the Sidney (Packet/Excursion, 1880-1921)

Sidney (Packet/Excursion, 1880-1921)

  • BOAT DESCRIPTION: Sternwheel
  • BOAT TYPE: Towboat/Excursion boat
  • BUILT: 1880-81 at Murraysville and Wheeling, West Virginia
  • BECAME: Renamed Washington, 1921
  • OWNERS: 1880: C.R. Woodburg and others; 1883: Diamond Jo Line; 1911: Streckfus Line
  • OFFICERS & CREW: 1881: Captain William List (master), Charles D. List (clerk); 1884-85: Captain James Best; 1889: W.R. Tibbals (pilot); 1890: L.H. Cubberly (master), George Monaguam and P.C. Dawley (engineers), Hiram Beedle and Jule Calhoun (pilots), William Hickman (steward); 1898: Hiram Beedle (master); 1906: Maurice Killeen (master); 1913: Roy Streckfus (master), William Todd (chief engineer), George Knox (2nd engineer), Ernest Cook (mate), William York (pilot); 1916: Tom Posey (pilot); Unknown dates: M.P. Fulton (clerk); John Warren (pilot)
  • RIVERS: Ohio River; Mississippi River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 5103; Sidney was originally painted yellow with colorful trim. On March 10, 1882, she burst a steam line at Goose Island, Ohio River. 16 people scalded and 4 died. Sold in 1883 to Diamond Jo Line on the upper Mississippi River for about $23,000. She ran the St. Louis-St. Paul trade. In 1911 under Streckfus Line ownership, she was rebuilt into an excursion boat, their first large excursion boat. With Captain Roy Streckfus in command, she was the first commercial boat to enter the newly-built Keokuk Lock in 1913. 600 St. Mary church people were aboard on this occasion bound for Burlington, Iowa. In winter months she was based at New Orleans. Many musicians who later became big-name stars, got their start on her, bringing the popularity of New Orleans jazz to the northern climates. She was completely rebuilt at Mound City, Illinois in 1921 and renamed Washington
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Photo taken at La Crosse, Wisconsin
  • Sidney (A)


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