Visual display of the Österreich kehrt heim! 10. April 1938

Österreich kehrt heim! 10. April 1938

  • 1938
  • Card 220, dated and postmarked 10 April 1938, is the official postcard commemorating the plebiscite which produced a vote of more than 99% of Austrians favoring union with Germany. Below a wreath of oak leaves upon which the heraldic arms of Austria's provinces appear, the inscription on the banderole reads "Austria comes home!" The stamps printed on this card, also dated 10 April 1938, show a German and an Austrian united and surrounded by the words "One People, One Empire, One Leader." "My most ardent and heartfelt wish [is] the union of my beloved homeland with the common Fatherland, the German Reich," Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf.


  • 1938
  • German
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  • Postcard
Andrew Laurie Stangel Collection
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  • University of Wisconsin–Madison. Libraries. Department of Special Collections : CA 17439, Box 2: Postcards, gf 0220
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