Philadelphia: George Barrie
Description of Original
2 preliminary leaves, xv pages, [100] leaves : 100 plates (including frontispiece) ; 36 cm.
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  1. The Boydell Shakespeare gallery
  2. The Alto Relievo in the front of the Shakespeare Gallery
  3. [Title Page]
  4. List of the plates
  5. Shakespeare between Poetry and Painting
  6. Plate II. The infant Shakespeare attended by Nature and the Passions
  7. [Plate III.-Plate VI.] The tempest
  8. [Plate VII.-Plate VIII.] The two gentlemen of Verona
  9. [Plate IX.-Plate XII.] The merry wives of Windsor
  10. [Plate XIII.-XVII.] Measure for measure
  11. [Plate XVIII.-Plate XIX.] The comedy of errors
  12. [Plate XX.-Plate XXIII.] Much ado about nothing
  13. [Plate XXIV.-Plate XXVII.] A midsummer-night's dream
  14. [Plate XXVIII.-Plate XXXI.] The merchant of Venice
  15. [Plate XXXII.-Plate XLIII.] As you like it
  16. [Plate XLIV.-Plate XVV.] The taming of the shrew
  17. [Plate XLVI.-Plate XLVII.] All's well that ends well
  18. [Plate XLVIII.-Plate L.] Twelfth night; or, what you will
  19. [Plate LI.-Plate LII.] The winter's tale
  20. [Plate LIII.-Plate LIV.] King John
  21. Plate LV. King Richard II
  22. [Plate LVI.-Plate LX.] First part of King Henry IV
  23. [Plate LXI.-Plate LXIII.] Second part of King Henry IV
  24. [Plate LXIV.] King Henry V
  25. [Plate LXV.-Plate XVII.] First part of King Henry VI
  26. [Plate LXVIII.-Plate LXX.] Second part of King Henry VI
  27. [Plate LXXI.-Plate LXXII.] Third part of King Henry VI
  28. [Plate LXXIII.-Plate LXXV.] King Richard III
  29. [Plate LXXVI.-Plate LXXX.] King Henry VIII
  30. [Plate LXXXI.-Plate LXXXII.] Troilus and Cressida
  31. Plate LXXXIII. Coriolanus
  32. [Plate LXXXIV.-Plate LXXXVII.] Romeo and Juliet
  33. Plate LXXXVIII. Timon of Athens
  34. [Plate LXXXIX.-Plate XC.] Julius Caesar
  35. [Plate XCI.-Plate XCII.] Macbeth
  36. Plate XCIII. Hamlet
  37. Plate XCIV. King Lear
  38. Plate XCV. Othello
  39. Plate XCVI. Antony and Cleopatra
  40. Plate XCVII. Cymbeline
  41. E 2. Boydell, John