Visual display of the George A. Madill (Ferry, 1891-1917)

George A. Madill (Ferry, 1891-1917)

  • BOAT TYPE: Ferry
  • BUILT: 1891 at Jeffersonville, Indiana by Howard
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Operated at St. Louis until worn out in 1917
  • OWNERS: Wiggins Ferry Company
  • RIVERS: Mississippi River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 2293; Original price $53,000 and original home port or owner's residence circa 1891 was St. Louis, Missouri. She was owned by the Wiggins Ferry Company and operated at St. Louis until worn out in 1917. An alternate version of her final disposition was that she was wrecked in a tornado in St. Louis on May 27, 1896
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: From left to right, the sidewheel transfer railroad ferries George A. Madill and J. C. McMullin
  • George A. Madill (A)


Other title
  • J. C. McMullin
Local identifier
  • Neg. 13548
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