Visual display of the Hamilton printing plant equipment manufactured by Hamilton Manufacturing Company

Qalley Storage
Sectional Cabinets
Something entirely new in
Galley Storage Equipment
designed for plants in which
the storage of STANDING
MATTER is an economical
This system is very flexible
and an installation can be
added to from time to time
by merely bolting on new
sectional units. Only tool
necessary is a screw driver.
This secional cabinet filled
with the new HAMILTON
Cadmium Plated "Rust-
proof Storage Galleys"
combines convenience, low
cost and flexibility besides
saving both time and space.
MADE IN THE FOLLOWING SIZES  Each section or tier has runs for 50
Unit No. 13550...........84x 13 inch galleys galleys. Each run opening is numbered,
Unit No. 13552 ........... 8 x 16 inch galleys the ends are closed; back  is open.
Unit No. 13554 ........... 12 x 18 inch galleys Height 77 inches. Substantially built of
Unit No. 13556 ........ 3 x 23 Y2 inch galleys heavy gauge steel, and finished in olive
Unit No. 13558 ......... 64x23Y2 inch galleys green baked enamel. Shelves can be
Unit No. 13560 ...... ..8Yx 23>Y inch galleys attached to runs if wanted.
Hamilton Manufacturing Company
Eastern Office, Rahway, N.J.       TWO RIVERS, WIS.
Hamilton Goods are Sold by Prominent Typefounders and Dealers Everywhere


A- S.C. B.(5 28)

(Printed in U.S.A.)

Unit 15499
Holds 13
1-Col. Galleys
Width, 6* in.

Unit 15500
Holds 26
1-Col. Galleys
Width, 11V8 in.

Unit 15509                   Unit 15515
Holds 51                     Holds 68
Single-Col. Galleys          Single-Col. Galleys
Width, 17A inches            Width 22Y, inches

Unit 15506                    Unit 15512
Holds 39              Holds 52 Single-Col. Galleys
Single-Col. Galleys           Width, 224 inches
Width, 17A inches

Unit 15516
Holds 85 Single-Col. Galleys
Width, 28A inches

Unit 15513
Holds 65 Single-Col. Galleys
Width, 281 inches

Unit 15517
Holds 13
2-Col. Galleys
Width, 8-l in.

Unit 15502
Holds 17
1-Col Galleys
Width, 61. in.

Unit 15524
Holds 26
Double-Col. Galleys
Width, 17V9 inches

Unit 15503
Holds 34
1-Col. Galleys
Width, 118 in.

Unit 15530
Holds 39 Double-Col. Galleys
Width, 25A inches

Unit 15518
Holds 13
3-Col. Galleys
Width, 1OY4 in.

Unit 15542
Holds 26 Triple-Col. Galleys
Width, 21 inches

Unit 15548                    Unit 15521
Holds 39 Triple-Col. Galleys          Holds 17
Width, 314 inches              3-Col. Galleys
Width, 10% in.

Unit 15545
Holds 34 Triple-Col. Galleys
Width, 21 inches

Unit 15551
Holds 51 Triple-Col. Galleys
Width 31JV inches