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Argentum (2nd : 1994 : Madison, Wis.)
The 2nd international conference proceedings : Transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment : the University of Wisconsin-Madison, September 11-14, 1994
[Madison, Wisconsin]: University of Wisconsin System, Sea Grant Institute
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vii, 223 pages : illustrations, maps ; 28 cm

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  3. Table of contents
  4. Welcome to Madison
  5. Extended abstracts: Transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment
  6. Session A: Metal speciation in aquatic and terrestrial systems
  7. Session A: Examining trace metal complexation by hydrogen sulfide species at nanomolar concentrations: new approaches and implications for silver / Cutter, Gregory A.; Radford-Knoery, Joël
  8. Session A: Photo-enhanced sorption of silver to bentonite / Sedlak, David L.; Andren, Anders W.
  9. Session A: Development of a sediment quality criteria for silver / Di Toro, Dominic M.; Mahony, John D.
  10. Session A: Coupled sorption/reduction of silver and other multivalent metals by ferrous micas: insights from electron microscopy and XPS / Ilton, E. S.; Veblen, D. R.
  11. Session B: Environmental cycling of silver
  12. Session B: Session I
  13. Session B: Partitioning of trace metals among macroparticles, colloids and solution / Benoit, Gaboury
  14. Session B: Silver production and mercury pollution in South America between 1580 and 1900 / Nriagu, Jerome O.
  15. Session B: An initial assessment of the production, consumption and emission of silver in the Nordic countries / Mukherjee, Arun B.
  16. Session B: Nature and fate of silver, part I / Kramer, James R., et al.
  17. Session B: Session II
  18. Session B: Silver and other tracers of sewage particles in coastal and deep sea sediments off the east coast, USA / Bothner, M. H.; Buchholtz ten Brink, M.; Ravizza, G. E.
  19. Session B: Proposal to develop a probabilistic wasteload allocation model for silver discharges to surface waters / Garland, Edward J.
  20. Session B: Sources and biogeochemistry of silver in the nearshore waters of the Russian Far East / Krasnov, Eugene V.
  21. Session B: Estimation of silver loadings, photochemical usage and waste disposal practices by photochemical users in Massachusetts / Crystal, Roy M.
  22. Session B: Session III
  23. Session B: Silver in the San Francisco Bay estuary / Flegal, A. Russell
  24. Session B: Silver in the Southern Ocean / Sanudo-Wilhelmy, Sergio; Flegal, A. Russell
  25. Session B: Desorption behavior of silver from natural sediments under freshwater and marine conditions / Wingert-Runge, Birgit; Andren, Anders W.
  26. Session B: Silver measurements in Texas watersheds / Gill, Gary A., et al.
  27. Session B: Partitioning and fate of silver in background streams and effluent-receiving streams / Shafer, M. M., et al.
  28. Session C: Toxicity of metals to aquatic organisms
  29. Session C: The physiology of silver toxicity in freshwater fish / Wood, Chris M., et al.
  30. Session C: Silver interactions at fish gills / Playle, Richard; Janes, Nancy
  31. Session C: Effects of laboratory test conditions on the toxicity of silver to aquatic organisms / Brooke, L., et al.
  32. Session D: Food chain transfer of metals in the aquatic and terrestrial environment
  33. Session D: Bioindicators of Ag availability in UK estuaries / Langston, W. J.; Burt, G. R.
  34. Session D: Evaluations of the bioavailability and toxicity of silver in sediment / Rodgers, John H., Jr.; Deaver, Emily; Rogers, Perry
  35. Session D: Bioaccumulation of silver in marine bivalves / Fisher, Nicholas S., et al.
  36. Session D: Bioaccumulation of silver in marine bivalve mollusks / Daskalakis, Kostas D.
  37. Session D: Comparison of silver and other trace element uptake by phytoplankton / Sanders, James G.; Connell, Deborah B.; Riedel, Gerhardt F.
  38. Session D: Fate, bioavailability and toxicity of silver in estuarine environments / Luoma, Samuel N.
  39. Session D: Analysis of silver in mussels and oysters by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICPMS) / Crecelius, Eric A.; Daskalakis, Kostas
  40. Session D: Bioaccumulation of silver in the oligochaete, Lumbriculus variegatus following exposure to field-collected sediments spiked with silver sulfide / Hirsch, M., et al.
  41. Session E: Environmental analytical chemistry of silver
  42. Session E: Strategies for trace metal analysis in natural water samples / Willie, S. N.; Sturgeon, R. E.; McLaren, J. W.
  43. Session E: Sampling, processing, and instrumental techniques for the analysis of sliver in natural waters / Shafer, M. M., et al.
  44. Session E: Silver in the waters of Connecticut: analyzing for a trace metal with ultra-clean techniques / Benoit, G.
  45. Session E: Measurement of "active" silver in environmental samples by anodic stripping voltammetry: towards development of a robust analytical method / Schildkraut, D. E., et al.
  46. Panel discussion: Setting effluent standards for metals: informational requirements for regulatory agencies
  47. Panel discussion: Setting effluent standards for metals: informational requirements for regulatory agencies
  48. Poster session: Transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment
  49. Poster session: Calcium versus chloride - which is the important protective factor against silver toxicity? / Galvez, F. G.; Wood, C. M.
  50. Participants: Transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment
  51. Participants: Second international conference on the environmental transport, fate and effects of silver
  52. [Cover]