ment and bond for furnishing and deliv-
ery of [materials] 5pts. Milw. 1916.
Pt. 1: Wires and cables; pt. 2: Concrete post
shafts and brackets; pt. 3: Transformers and
transformer coils; pt. 4: Cast iron harps and
fittings for concrete posts; pt. 5: Street lighting
Milwaukee, Wis.-Illumination service, Bu-
reau of. Specifications, proposal, agree-
ment and bond for the installing of gas
street lighting units.   Milw. 1917.   36p.
Milwaukee, Wis.-Smoke suppression, Bu-
reau of. Report. 1917.
Typewritten copy.
School Research Bureaus
Gruenberg, Benjamin C. Functions and or-
ganization of a bureau of information and
investigation for the department of edu-
cation in New York city. School and soc.
Dec. 22, 1917.                    371.5G82
The article discusses the subject under the
following heads. Why such a division is neces-
sary; Functions of the proposed bureau; Relations
and organization of the division.
School Surveys
Horn, P. W. Report of supplementary sur-
vey of Portland public schools. Portland,
Ore. 1917. 64p.                  370.4H78r
This supplementary school survey was made
with special reference to the Portland school sur-
vey originally made by Dr. E. P. Cubberley and
others in 1913.
Eddy, Harrison P. Industrial waste dis-
posal. Jour. of ind. and eng. chemistry,
July, 1917.                        483Ed2i
Porter, J. Edward. Activated sludge proc-
ess of sewage treatment: bibliography
with brief abstracts, patents, news items;
compiled from current literature. Roches-
ter, N. Y. 1917. 40p.               483P83
Pressing sewage sludge. Mun. jour. Jan. 5,
1918.                             483M92p
Snow Removal
Rochester, N. Y. bureau of municipal re-
search. Report on the problem of snow
removal. Rochester, 1917. 44p.
Social Surveys
Alameda     county,   Cal.-Public    welfare,
Board of. Survey of the social agencies
of Alameda county based on 1915-1916 re-
ports. Oakland, 1917. 56p.        363.2AL1
As stated in the introduction "the purpose of
this survey is to give to the social workers of
the county a hand-book of information as accu-
rate as it has been possible to obtain; to give
to the public an accounting of the social work

attempted, by whom, at what cost, and with what
results; to give to the organizations carrying on
this work a picture of the whole, so that they
may view their own activities in relation to those
of other groups working in the same or related
departments; to encourage the keeping of uni-
form records for public information, and to help
in the study of the causes of dependency, sick-
ness and delinquency, with a view to their elim-
ination; and, last, to lay the foundation for fu-
ture and better surveys which shall record prog-
ress as a program   of constructive social work
as year by year developed to meet the needs of
Alameda county."
To social workers outside of Alameda county,
the report should prove of interest as an example
of a survey in which existing conditions are
very vividly and effectively shown.
Street Railway Fares
Jackson, Dugald C., and McGrath, D. J.
Street railway fares: their relation to
length of haul and cost of service. 169p.
(Massachusetts institute of technology-
Electrical engineering research division,
bul. No. 14.)                       388.42J13
Zone system approved for Holyoke, Mass.,
company.     (In Elec. rail. jour. Jan. 12,
1918, p. 77-80.)
New York City-Mayor-Advisory commis-
sion on administration of the tax law.
Report. City record, Dec. 22, 1917.
428.1 N48e
In an effort to provide increased revenue an
Advisory commission on administration of the
tax law was appointed by Mayor Mitchel of
New York. In its report the commission rec-
ommends assessing to its full value machinery
and equipment which in New York state is classi-
fied as real property. Methods of appraisal and
assessment are discussed. The special franchise
tax and income tax are considered, and much at-
tention is given to equalization.
Landsittel, F. C. Evaluation of merit in
high-school teachers. School and society,
Dec. 29, 1917.                        372L23
War Relief
British Columbia - Legislative assembly.
fWar relief act passed May 31, 1916, as
amended May 19, 1917.]               355.1B77
This act makes it unlawful to bring any civil
action for the enforcing of payment of debts,
etc., against any resident or dependent who is in
active service until six months after the close of
the war. This does not apply to necessities, in-
cluding rent, nor to sale of land for taxes by a
New York City-Mayor-Committee of
women on national defense. Report. 1917.
Water Purification
Birdsall, Lewis I. Some practical problems
in filtration plant operation. Amer. water
works assn. jour. Dec. 1917.         481.5153