for their study class program. The pamphlet is
cited here as an example of an outline on local
municipal government which gives students and
civic workers the information which they usually
have such difficulty in finding.
Civil Service
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mission.   Civil service act and rules for
the Milwaukee county government. Milw.
1918.  183p.                      351.6M64c
Rules were adopted by the commission on De-
cember 5, 1917, and became effective January 1,
Milwaukee county, Wis.-Civil service com-
mission. Civil service plan for the county
of Milwaukee: classification and standard-
ization of personal service, civil service
rules and regulations and constructive rec-
ommendations for positive employment
administration. [Milw.] 1917. 196p.
Prepared on the authorization of the County
board of supervisors by J. L. Jacobs for the Civil
service commission.
Consolidation of City and County Govern-
California tax payers' association. City and
county consolidation for Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, 1917. 194p.             414.4C1
In this study of city-county consolidation, three
ideas are stated as recognized principles in a
discussion of more efficient government for densely
populated communities, namely: ''the need for
complete consolidation of all local governing
agencies in the natural metropolitan area; the
need for a simple system of governmental or-
ganization, with power and responsibility cen-
tralized, as in the city manager plan, and the
short ballot. The report considers broadly the
govornmeittal situation in Los Angeles city and
Los Angeles county, and indicates the benefits
that might be expected to follow from the appli-
cation to that situation of the three ideas men-
Cleveland, 0., chamber of commerce-Com-
mittee on annexation.      Annexation; re-
port. Cleveland, 1916. 20p. 414.4C59a
Electric Rates
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in Pittsburgh, Pa. Pittsburgh, 1916. 46p.
Report made to the Pittsburgh city council.
American committee on electrolysis. Pre-
liminary report. N. Y. 1916. 154p.
Report was prepared for submission to mem-
bers of national engineering societies and other
interested associations and corporations by whom
the committee was appointed.
American academy of political and social
science. Financing the war. Annals, Jan.

The articles in the Annals are grouped under
the following topics: Task of financing the war;
Borrowing by the government; Relationship be-
tween loans and taxes; Do government loans cause
inflation ? Proper kinds of taxation; Financial
experiences of our allies.
Fire Departments
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1918.                             468M64r
New York City-Health, Dept. of. Facts
and figures showing thequantity and cost
of the work of the department of health
[of N. Y. city] for a five-year period, 1913-
17, with a summary of the results to the
public health. N. Y. 1917. 20p.
Home Rule
Arndt, Walter Tallmadge. Emancipation of
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Contains chapters on Home rule; Short ballot;
Oity manager; Non partisan elections; Initiative,
referendum and recall; Civil service and Mu-
nicipal finance.
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[141)]                           614.33P93
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Milwaukee Departmental Reports
Milwaukee, Wis.-Illuminafion service, Bu-
reau of. Specifications, proposal, agree-