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DARE Interview : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Primary Informant PA170

  • 1968
Dictionary of American Regional English
  • Informant Data:
  • PA170: White; male; age: 29 (young); education: college; community type: urban
  • Media Files:
  • Arthur the Rat. Speaker: PA170 (4:03)
  • Full Interview (Tape 1419-S1). [Additional speakers: Adult female]
  • Content:
  • 00:20 Arthur the Rat [adult woman speaks with Informant on entire side]
  • 04:30 Language—why read Arthur the Rat?
  • 06:50 Family history—parents' hometown
  • 07:50 Informant’s opinion about policemen
  • 09:50 Job history—Army then police force, worked in community relations, crime prevention tips, where people should learn government laws
  • 19:00 Race relations—effectiveness of Black votes in the city, Black population, Black Power, Black middle class, need for higher positions to be held by Blacks
  • 25:05 Local hospital—caters mostly to Blacks, reason hospital is located where it is, how it is funded
  • 30:50 Tape end
  1. Arthur the Rat

  2. Full Interview