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to convey to the Plenary Conference this information on questions to
which they attach particular importance. These comments have
been reproduced in the form and language in which they have been

Chapter V records the votes taken on proposals relating to the Free
Territory of Trieste, and on certain other important items referred to
in the final paragraph of the conclusion.

The concluding section contains a summary of results of the Com-
mission’s labours in a form which it is hoped will be most convenient
for the consideration of the Plenary Conference.

In short, the report: is a working document and is arranged as such,
and it is in no sense a narrative of the course of discussions.


The Political and Territorial Commission for Italy held 48 meet-
ings, under the Chairmanship of Mr. Leif Egeland, Delegate of the
Union of South Africa. It elected as Vice-Chairman M. Manuilsky,
Delegate of Ukraine, in whose absence M. Baranovsky assumed the
functions of Vice-President and as rapporteur, Mr. McIntosh, Dele-
gate of New Zealand.

The Commission was composed of Delegates of 20 countries, as
follows: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Byelorussia, Canada, China,
Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, France, Greece, India, Netherlands, New
Zealand, Poland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Union of South Africa,
U.S.A., U.S.S.R., Yugoslavia; the representatives of Albania, Egypt
and Italy were invited to state before the Commission their points of
view on the relevant sections of the Draft Peace Treaty with Italy.

The Commission had the task of considering certain parts of the
Draft Peace Treaty between the Allied and Associated Powers and
Italy, drawn up by the Council of Foreign Ministers and of submit-
ting, eventually, recommendations to the Plenary Conference.

The parts of the Draft Treaty studied by the Commission were as


Part I —Territorial clauses (Articles 1 to 13, Annexes 1 and 2)
Part II —Political clauses (Articles 14 to 37, Annex 9)

Part IJ I—War Criminals (Article 38)

Part V —Withdrawal of Allied Forces (Article 63)

Part [X—Settlement of disputes (Article 72)

Part XI—Final clauses (Articles 75 and 78)



  In the course of its work the Commission took into consideration the
following amendments, proposals and resolutions:
IPreamble:        1 Yugoslav amendment (C.P. (IT/P) Doc.5)
                   2 Netherlands amendments (C.P. (IT/P) DocA6
                       and Doc.8)
                   1 Amendment submitted by the Chinese delega-
                      tion in the name of the Belgian, Brazilian,
                      Canadian, Chinese and Netherlands Delega-
                      tions (C.P. (IT/P) Doc.14)
                   1 Australian amendment (C.P. (GEN) Doc.1.
                   1 Yugoslav amendment (C.P. (GEN) Doc.1.U.1)
Part I
Articles 1 to 12:
                   1 Australian amendment (C.P. (GEN) Doc.1.B.
         Art. 1   1 Yugoslav amendment (C.P. (GEN) Doc.l.U.2)
         Art. 2   1 Australian proposal (See record of Decisions
                      of the 8th meeting, III b)
                   1 French proposal (see record of Decisions of the
                      10th meeting, II d, and record of Decisions
                      of the 11th meeting, Rev.1, I)
     Art. 3 & 4   1 Brazilian amendment (C.P. (GEN) Doc.1.E.2)
                   1 Brazilian amendment (C.P. (IT/P) Doc.23)
                   2 Czechoslovak proposals (see records of Deci-
                      sions of the 20th and 27th meetings)
                   1 Yugoslav amendment (C.P. (GEN) Doc.1.U.3)
                   1 Byelorussian amendment (C.P.(GEN)Doc.l.
                   1 South African amendment (C.P. (IT/P) Dc.
                      21 Rev. 1)
                   1 Yugoslav proposal (C.P. (IT/ P) Doc.98)
     Art. 4 & 5   1 Yugoslav amendment (C.P. (GEN) Doc.1.U.4)
         Art. 5   1 Australian amendment (C.P.(GEN)Doc.1.B.
Art. 9 &Annex 2    1 French proposal (see record of Decisions of
                      the 11th meeting, Rev.1, III c)
       Art. lOa   1 Joint proposal of the Belgium and Nether-
                      lands Delegations (C.P. (IT/P) Doc.44)
Section IV (Special Clauses and Art. 11.)
                  1 Yugoslav amendment (C.P. (GEN) Doc.L.U.5)
      Art. 1al
           11b    1 Yugoslav proposal (C.P.(CGEN)Doc.1.U.6)

        Art. 12   1 Greek amendment (C.P. (IT/P) Doc.60)
                   1 Ukrainian  amendment   (C.P. (GEN) Doc.1.
        Art.. 13  1 Australian amendment (C.P.(GEN)Doc.1.B.
                  1 Brazilian amendment (C.P. (GEN)Doc.1.E.3)