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        Report of the Political and Territorial Comv,,nis&ion
                            for Italy

C.P. (Plen) Doe. 24                        PARIS, October 5, 1946.
                     RAPPORTE1TR'S PREFACE
  MR. CHAIRMAN: I formally present the report of the Political and
Territorial Commission for Italy. It records the work of 43 meetings.
during the course of which the Commission studied the various parts
of the treaty allocated to it, together with the large number of amend-
ments submitted by various delegations.
  The primary purpose of this document is to present to the Confer-
ence the positive decisions and recommendations of the Commission
insofar as these relate to the amended texts of the Articles of the
  The material contained in the report is arranged in the following
  Chapter I covers the terms of reference, including the list of pro-
posed amendments submitted to the Commission.
  Chapter II sets out the manner in which the Commission disposed
of the Articles of the Draft Treaty allocated to it. The number of
votes by which the amended texts were adopted is recorded, and the
texts as amended are given in full. In certain instances, and in ac-
cordance with the Rules of Procedure, majority and minority view-
points are expressed. These majority and minority reports have been
submitted by delegations and are reproduced in the form in which they
were submitted.
  Chapter III contains the decisions and recommendations on the Free
Territory of Trieste. The reason for the segregation of this material
is a technical one arising from the fact that the earlier sections had
been prepared and translated before this section had been completed.
  Chapter IV. As a result of a decision of the Commission a Fourth
Chapter has been added containing the viewpoints of delegations on
certain of their proposed amendments which had not been adopted.
The purpose of this Chapter IV is to enable delegations to record and