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Visual display of the [Portrait of two men]

[Portrait of two men]

  • ca. 1911-ca. 1915
  • Doctor Taam Nai Won (left) and Hong Ching (right), typical Yeungkong 陽江 educated men sitting in a room at the hospital. The contrast between the dressing style of the two men is interesting. Doctor Taam Nai Won on the left wears western style shirt, pant and leather shoe, holding a hat in his hands. However, he stilll keeps his hair in a plait or braid. Hong Ching, on the right, is in traditional Chinese chothes, but seems to have his plait cut. The picture was probably taken after the revolution in 1911 which overthrew the Qing 清 (1644-1911) dynasty and ended five thousand years of imperial rule in China. Hair plait (braids), which represented the Qing administration, were cut off. The background couplet reads [With the language and] characters [of one's own land], make the heart intelligent to feel first the holy and spiritual omens (left); [For the people's illness and] tribulation, provide aid to make them climb into the benevolent and longevity region. [?土語言] 文字會心先感聖靈機, [?民疾病] 瘡痍援手使登仁壽域.

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ca. 1911-ca. 1915
Description of Original
4 X 5 inches, Negative
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Photograph Number 28
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Memorial Library. East Asian Collection
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