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Visual display of the Chums in Dixie ; or, The strange cruise of a motorboat

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Chums in Dixie ; or, The strange cruise of a motorboat

  • 1912
Chicago : M. A. Donohue
  • Unsigned binding: C.H. Lawrence.
  • Red ungrained cloth. Black, orange, and white stamping on front and spine. No decoration on back. Cream endpapers printed with orange narrative scene of men camping.
  • From Minsky: Red cloth stamped in orange, black, and white scene of two men (one with rifle) and a dog. In dust jacket (missing a few pieces), with design same as cover in green, white, and black. Designed by C.H. Lawrence, unsigned, signed endpapers in sames style.

Publication Details

Lawrence, C. H.
Chicago : M. A. Donohue
Description of Original
Height: 19 cm.; Width: 13 cm.; Depth: 3 cm.
Animals — Domestic — Dogs
Animals — Wild — Birds
Architecture — Houses
Architecture — Rural
Clothing/Accessories — Hats
Clothing/Accessories — Men/Boys
Cooking/Culinary — Campfires
Games/Leisure — Fishing
Games/Leisure — Hunting
Landscape/Nature — Rocks
Landscape/Nature — Suns
Landscape/Nature — Forest/Trees/Plants
Landscape/Nature — Mountains/Hills
Landscape/Nature — Rivers/Streams/Lakes
People — Men
Weaponry — Guns/Rifles
Artistic style/Movement — Poster Style
Book-cloth — Color — Red
Book-cloth — Ungrained
Bookbinding — Techniques — Black stamping
Bookbinding — Techniques — Orange stamping
Bookbinding — Techniques — White stamping
Endpapers — Colored
Endpapers — Printed — Narrative scene
Endpapers — Color — Cream
Endpapers — Color — Orange
United States
Location of Original
University of Alabama Libraries. W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library, Richard Minsky Collection. : PS2676.R62 C4 1912x
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