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Cold-blooded vertebrates

  • 1930
New York: Smithsonian Institution Series, Inc.
  • "The study of fossil amphibians ... and reptiles ... is wholly the work of Mr. Gilmore, while ... Miss Cochran has compiled chapters ... on living forms."--Pref. to pt. II and III.

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New York: Smithsonian Institution Series, Inc.
Description of Original
7 pages, 375 pages : colored frontispiece, illustrations, 81 plates (part colored) on 52 leaves ; 24 cm.
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Available Contents

  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. Contents
  4. Illustrations
  5. Part I: Fishes
  6. Chapter I: The first backbones
  7. Chapter II: Pedigree and kinships
  8. Chapter III: The structure of a fish
  9. Chapter IV: Sex and reproduction
  10. Chapter V: Migrations
  11. Chapter VI: Growth and food
  12. Chapter VII: Some adaptations
  13. Chapter VIII: Geographical and vertical distribution
  14. Selected bibliography
  15. Part II: Amphibians
  16. Chapter I: Fossil amphibians
  17. Chapter II: Some evolutionary aspects of amphibians
  18. Chapter III: Caecilians and salamanders
  19. Chapter IV: Frogs and toads
  20. Part III: Reptiles
  21. Chapter I: Introduction
  22. Chapter II: The dinosaurs
  23. Chapter III: Rulers of the ancient seas
  24. Chapter IV: Ancient flying reptiles
  25. Chapter V: Fossil tracks and trails
  26. Chapter VI: The preservation and collecting of fossil vertebrates
  27. Chapter VII: The place of reptiles among vertebrates
  28. Chapter VIII: The tuatara
  29. Chapter IX: Crocodilians
  30. Chapter X: Turtles
  31. Chapter XI: Lizards
  32. Chapter XII: Snakes
  33. Selected bibliography
  34. Index
  35. [Cover]