Sentence outline for Food and Cover Handbook 
Introduction: Why food. anovr 
Ulx                              %*                             The 
Lake States experience seas nal rather than yearlo    tshortages inood and

cover. Winter is usually t e critical -period. During the critttal period,

food deficimacies are Of     reflected in the amount, kinds, accessibility,

and palatability offoods.    t is obvious that foods become scarcer as they

are used or become una ailab e through fa] 107no      or ice-coating! Very
a plentiful supply of foods 4s represented by weed s.eeds become..inacessible
through snow covering.   Anims exhibit a preference            for foods
(1) what is present at thel seaso  in question .. 
9),,;availability or access bility 
( ) current physiological    eds 
-Certain foods are not prese ,t except at d4lnite periods. 
Availability lis explained a ove. .: 
- Palatability ha   a .taste,.f !el ~.ofwelfare, color, and chemical 
- Current physiological needs, though little understood, probably determine

what and how: much of' vari.u sifoods- are taken. 
- Because of the exotic nature of many of game species and also of the 
foods -hyaiti~iofat from wrong to -aszume that game species 
must "learn" to acquire a   t sAte for and also, how to eat, many
Like   p   humas,: animls  sii'nte pre erenc'es f6r"foo-s. Th6se foods

tity prefer will be 'se until e d   sted or no onge. suae          a 
Adescending "scale of eenc,tiic''    th' e         iam iaan.~  Ii~bel
PALATABILITY SEQUENCEl        P. S. t j. e) 
Places to feed, hide, rest, sleep, piay, and raise young are constituent

parts of a habitable game range. Eac   species has its own "bill of
as to what constitutes such places. Ce tain optimum qualifications are necessary

for each game species if it is to find   krane habitable. The most complete

work on what constitutes these "bills" has been done for the bob-white
For other species, there is no theough informationl. :C9TVr, impr9evets are,

however, founded on an understanding of functions. By         %       discovering

cover requsitions, much can be done in efficently restoring coverts.