Dember 13, 1931 
(Preliminary Report) 
Sta. The present status may be su         sarized as followes 
(1) One hily vioessful graduate gse research project has been 
cmlet, and two more ar u           way. 
(2) A Chair of Game has been establised and has accaipliod 
its preliminax  orientation as pat of the "land uttization$ progr. 
(Soo anual report.) 
P       The outstanding present needs are believed to bet 
(a) The inauuration for fish amd aquatio    na    nt of an activity 
similar to the present one in g    , to be beuit upon mnd to 
utilise the ated researech in l1mnleg         and lake eoo.1o 
(b) T   building up, in the depatents concerned, of a better 
scientific base for the game chair, in so far as this h    n 
bee done or is not being done in other institutions. Sm      o 
the min gaps in this bae lie in: 
(1) Anim9l mtrition (agriltural caistry) 
(2)         (we have none) 
(3) Pahoog    (Zoology?  Medical Scooel?) 
(c) Th        te I     ration of   songbird m   n   nt" for 
no-m      ~dlife. 
(d) Th    ilding xV of a more effective advisory relationsp 
theion                   nt. 
(e) Te mblication of a "Farmers# Handbook" and other poTJlar 
pdes to land practice. 
Aldo Leopold 
Professor of GemMngmn