The following analysis and conclusions are offered 
in the full realization that a larger number of birds would 
be desirable, although some of the relationships indicated 
by the graphs are so positive that it seems doubtful whether 
more data would change them. The original purpose was to 
demonstrate a new way to make the game bag yield something 
more than meat, and this, at least, has been done. The task 
of analysis also clearly demonstrated the author's mathe- 
matical deficiencies, and while the very best mathematical 
methods have probably not been used, the work has been re- 
viewed by               of the Forest Products Laboratory, who 
says - 
The clearest presentation will result, I think, from 
Llowing the analysisstep by step4and building up the conclu- 
Graphs 1 & 2 
The birds were arranged in ascending order of weight 
New Mexico and Illinois separately, the weights plotted 
points, and the points Joined to form an unsmoothed "fre- 
noy curve" for weight. 
Next, the various body measurements were plotted for 
ea6h bird, arbitrarily adjusting the tertical scales so that 
the total range in each measurement would equal.on the graph,