Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-6 : Writings

Mrh31. 1937 
Mr. Scott Sterling 
3as    & Lam  Optical o. 
Rocheter, New To 
I bad lonago~ given up th. Idea of actually 
material it contan  and 'bring it into prnt  I ueyo     to d. 
so. It wuld not be posible for me to go bac *vute 
expwtrimta  wr and do the checkin, but I age withyo 
tmt som technical material of this, kind shouU be in prit 
and if you *a take the responhibility you are certainly 
welome to 1W data. 
Ton" sincerly, 
Aldo Leopold 
Vh                    ~Professor of Gon  Iint w