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Would you,when opportunity offersabstract from the Madison 
weather station records the daily teerature and daily precipitation 
records from April 1 to July 10,1943 ? I will get the same data 
from Pittsfield and we can then compare the cuurwnt weathers and 
perhaps find out why there is a 10-day difference. It might be worth 
while to transcribe the data on amount of sunlight,-uring this 
period,provided the station takes such data. Alsowhat is the 
elevation at Madison?? o          L'      ,.. 
I am well pleased with the success of this cooperativeventure. 
Perhaps,next year,it can be expanded to cover some additional 
territoryanswer more questions. 
Any time you get into York State,I would be more than pleased 
to show you my baliwick on the Rensselaer Grit Plateau. It is an 
interesting little area,almost a biological island and'it is an 
ideal setting for production forestry. 
It would appear from the correspondence that,despite the many 
interesting problems presented by the field of wildlife managment, 
a man whi is once a forester tends always to be a forester. 
D id B. Cook. 

April 17t 1944 
Mr. David B. Cook 
Conservation Department 
Albany It New Tork 
DeAr Dave: 
I have taken it for granted that we would repeat 
the red pine phenoloq for this rear, and for a 
number of years to come, and I am glad that 
youi will be able to do the same , at least this 
So far, after an exoessively mild winter, our 
sprig is behind last spring, which in turn was 
Yours sincerely, 
Aldo Leopold