Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-6 : Writings

JbY 20. 1931 
Da Mr. Brokst 
I m so - ma plae with you      il~ntration in R~me 
.7terfow1' by 2hllhtps and incoln  tht I am writ1i to a*A 
-fehryon wnuld be willing to make some for nVfr thei 
bo.k on am waaaet a rog         drat of -ALIc will be red 
I woud like to bmv ym read this and then make upyu 
own m   abouAth v. bjaot matter adstyle of daing     h~ 
would be subl.    I amvery stog for the da*k bade~M    % 
I would like to  tAlt my total lwestweat to a coupl bMindr 
clolars. I have no arnsets yet with a pbtlishv, but T am 
,hoping to use a similar paper anA fornt to "meriomn Taefo 
I would appreiate a preliminar word fro-n you as to 
whoth.2' this saws like a matteou m ld  mre to tal~ 'u aMd 
whether you are wihling to re&ad Ww mas    pt. If so. I wrill 
sen you OM within a moth, 
Yours aicelyt 
IAJ ,e GA= 

July 13.1931 
Dr. John C. Phillips 
7enham, "assadxusetts 
Dear )r. Philli ps 
Tlow that my manuacript on game maaement is about ready 
for publication I find myself castin  lo-ngin  eyes on the kind of 
Illustrations anA interpolated sketches rAich appear in "American 
I assume from the title -pae that Allan ]rooks did the 
full-pge plates and A. L. Ripley the sketches.  I -m particularly 
interested In the sketches.  "ould yu mind giving me your personal 
advice as to the possibility of enlisting the services of either or 
both of these -entlemen In connection with my book? I have no idea 
what the rates are for this kind of work but judgir  by its quality 
I -a preared to believe they are high,   I am willing to wce a 
personal investment in at least a little of it if it is not entirely 
out of my reach. Possibly you could Imt in a good word with them 
for the n;atre and quality of my  rk. I would be    la  to leave sub- 
ject matter and everythlng like that entirely to their Ju4   nt 
after having ganlied them .ith the manuscript. My experience is 
s'uch matters Is exactly sero but my appreciation of the amount which 
such wor- a'ds to the attractiveness of a boo'- Is very high. 
You will of course receive the mauu.3cript if you are willing 
to read it (see my circular). A-7 advice you can give me will be 
heartily appreciated. 
I m-iht sai that this book w11 contain a lesser proportion 
of graphs and charts than the "Game 3mrrey" and hence it should
possible to use  uzIossed paper. 
Yours sincerely*