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azid Canada go1l1,nrod. '76 -ut thoe species In the VAriablo category becanse
w have 
rweords whioh definitely sn~tain it. In mAdIltion, we have the i=esjin that
asters, oakti hicknrlejo poplars and. willows likewise display wide variabilityg
ixW, a.ll proportion of extra early individuals. 
We suspet that extra early individuals teioresnt genetlal, rather than en
t        variations for th foll-viig reawsnas 
(1)  In ARals lik    the ragweds, we have never found extra early  lants
In the sags place. 
(2)  In white amrooto at both stations, the very earlieit blooms for tbree

year  have occrred at two partlclmar spots, both on a orth slope a 
shaded. Te two sites would seem to be old rathenr than  w. 
(3) In chioO , at the Da    station# the earliest bloo= for the last thme

yars has occurred at a partioular spot on a north slope which seems cooler

than the usual "aurbtae habitat of this spoioee 
I)) n willows and suma earliness and lateness seem to show a clonal 4istrWi-

tion. At the Juntion of two cloes on. can see wide disparity in earli- 
ss en identical site. 

Comprison 39twn      ations 
Tew 4ates of devlopmntal pezimea aire inflxnced by latitude, lonugituto 
an altitude,   TM direction and magntude of these factors is erpressel, in
data, byH oiAl l, wich a56tS tIhnt          '*Other conditions bein eqxxa
fin the tim of occrrence of a given             ertodial event in life aotiviti

In t      te North Amsioa is at too g esal aege rte of four das to each 
degree of latite, five degrees of longitude* and b0    feet altitude, later
wd, eastward, and urward in the sprin   and early' m     ,ur.* (11IT). 
Our tables offer a suitable variety of events for a mass comparison with

Hoplnb law, but the distanoe between the two stations is too a1 to be advantaous

for this mrpos, Nevertheless, as %bitins points mut, his forM11. my be used

not only to pedict the averW    differene between localities, bt to evaluate
intensity of the local fators which cause local deviations from the law,
this wiewpoint a comperison of our two stations is worth oakcig. 
1   lblg 2#A   V. e exclude all of our anlual data, because of th  dif iJt,

alread explained, of Interpolating animl dates between weekly visits to the
We include all pars of plant dAtes in which a given plant event rau recorded

at bota stations uring the sam year, Thre are 241 smah pAirs from April to
imlusive, and 96 in July amd Auust, a tot1 of 337. Bemse bOPkIns sPoiffie

epring an early swwarO it seems advisable to s       to the midm        
data,. W 
e   ~de all ite a la    rsharness, such a    ddinw, ripning -,f fruit, and

harvesting of crops, That re=Ana is entirely dates of first bloom&