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". I 
1500 MEMBERS                             OFFICIAL BULLETIN OF THE NEW ME
0 GAME PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION                                           
        CIRCULATION, 5000 
What      We Stand         For.                     "You are mighty
poorericans if your care for              Six.Rules        For Sportsmen.

the well-being of this contry Is limited to hoping 
1. Vigorous and impartial enforcement of the game and fish     that that
well-being will'ist out your own genera-  1. B  a Real Sportsman. There Is
more honor In giving the 
laws.                                                      tion."-Roosevelt.
                                       game a square deal than in getting
the limit. 
2. A statewide system of game and bird refuges.                         
                                           2. Make Sure It's a Buck. If you
can't see his horns-she 
hasn't got any. 
3. Passage by Congress of the Public Shooting Grounds Bill, 
so as to not only conserve game but provide a place where               
   .       . -,                         3. Help Enforce the Game Law. Game
and fish are public 
the  rdiarycitzen  an and only the game-bog will take more
than his the ordinary citizen can hunt it.                              
                  e,                                fair and legal share.
Violations should be reported to the 
4. Passage by the Legislature of a bill to place the employ-            
                                              nearest Deputy Warden, Forest
Ranger or Game Protecment of the State Game Warden in the hands of the  
                                                               tive Association.

State Game Commission, without which we can not hope                    
                                        4. Respect the Ranchma'n's Property.
He regards the man 
for stable policy and expert service in the administration              
                                           who leaves his gates open, cuts
his fences, chouses his 
of game.                                                                
                                           livestock, or shoots near dwellings,
as an outlaw. Put 
5. Long open seasons where possible and low bag limits                  
                                              yourself in his place. 
where necessary.h5. Be Careful With Your Campfire and Matches. One tree will
make a million matches; one match can burn a rmil6. More effective restocking
of waters by the use of rearing     As the cone scatters ft seeds of the
pine and fir    lion trees. 
ponds, one-man hatcheries, and eyed eggs.                  tree, so may tis
little 1per scatter the seeds of 
7. Co-operation with stockmen in the control of predatory      wisdom and
understandi   among sportsmen.               garbage, crippled game and broken
laws are poor monuanimals.                                              
                                                             ments for a
sportsman to leave behind him. 
RESOLUTION: The present State Game     This bill, now before Congress, propose

Warden, Mrs. Grace B. Melaven, has to require of each duck hunter in th worked
 hard, has consulted  with the United States a $1.00 license for the pur
sportsmen and done her best to make the pose< of forming a federal fund
to buy u4 
State Game Department a success. We duck breeding grounds and duck sl recognize
and appreciate her efforts. We grounds,, and  otherwise  conserve especially
commend the action of Mrs. hunting. Melaven and the Commission for employ-
    The purpose of buying up b 
ing an expert fish culturist like H. L. grounds is to save them  from  dr
Bengard to operate the Pecos Hatchery, Hundreds of lakes and marshes ar and
for employing the trout expert, Mr. drained each year, and many of th A.
H. Dinsmore, to make a survey of the erward -found   useless for agrii trout
streams of the Mogollons. This is Such lakes should be bought and del strictly
in conformity with what the G. to raise waterfowl. P. A. has urged for years,
namely, more   The purpose of buying     up  s 
expert services in conducting fish and grounds is to sae a plae for the game
work.                              gallus" man to hunt. Clubs and ex

We believe, however, that there is still of posting are gradually depriving
imperative need for putting the Game De- any place to go duck hunting. partment
on a more stable basis. Under    This, in brief, is the bill. The G the system
of political appointments which will gladly furnish the full text still prevails,
a Game Warden, no matter quest. Here is what the Conventi( how hard he or
she works, barely learns about it: the rudiments of the job before being
re-  BE IT RESOLVED by the New placed by another political appointee. The
0-1.               * 
.....-  ......   .......           - .. ....   fame Frotectmve Association
 in  convention 
system precludet any chance for establish- assembled that the following facts
be called ing or following out a continuous game to the attention of our
Senators and Reprepolicy, and a big part of the responsibility sentatives
in Congress, our Governor, State for actual work in the field must still
be Game Warden, and Game Commission, and carried by volunteer effort, rather
    to the other game protective associatins of 
under he leadership of experienced game ,oew  oexico: officials with stable
tenure of office. 
We therefore unanimously and emphat-j    (1) Notwithstanding the purported
increase of migratory waterfowl widely adiwly   renew  our endorsement of
the vertised throughout the United States since amendment to the Game Commission
law the passage of the present Migratory Bird placing the employment of the
State Game Law, it is the opinion of many members of Warden in the hands
of the State Game this Association that the flight of waterCommission. This
amendment is vital to ti      soito     httefih         fwtr 
Commssin.  his  menmen  is ita tofowl in the Rio Grande Valley has not inthe
success of game conservation in this creased.   RI State, and all other legislative
changes   (2) There can be no doubt that a serirecommended by this convention
are of 
minor consequence in comparison,         ous decrease would have taken place
We protest the custom of asking, for or for the prohibition of spring shooting
and accepting the resignation of the Game market hunting effected by the
Migratory Commission at each change 4f administra- Bird Law. tion. This threatens
the continuity of poli-  (3)  No responsible authorities have cy, to attain
which was one of the objects taken exception to the estimate recently of
creating the commissiontopublished that 1,000,000 ducks per year 
The above resolution speaks for itself. have died as a result of alkaline
poisoning It represents the opinion of 1,000 New in the region of Great Salt
Lake. Mexico sportsmen and likewise, we believe,  (4  The same "duck
disease" is now of an increasing number of straight-think- spreading
to other localities in the Westing citizens,                            ern
Our plan for securing a stabilized, ex-  (5)  All authorities seem to agree
that pert, well-paid, non-partisan game admin- the loss of millions of ducks
from duck disistration has stood the test of two hard- ease could be overcome
if funds were availfought political campaigns which would able to turn fresh
water into the diseased have shown up any weak spots it contained, area,
or ,eep the ducks out of the diseased None have showed up. The sportsmen,
areas by patrol, or to remove the diseased whose money pays for the department,
and ducks from these areas and place them in whose interests are principally
involved, fresh water for recovery. This work would are still unanimously
for the plan.      onli. have to be done during certain seaCan any opponent
of the plan show sons when the disease is active. 
wherein it is unsound?                     (6)  The only practicable scheme
Can any opponent of the plan produce far proposed for securing the necessary
a better one!                            funds to do this is the Public Shooting

Can  any opponent of the plan show Grounds-Game Refuge Bill now         
how the sportsmen's money, paid in for Congress.    We therefore renew our
hearty game conservation, can be rightfully used cndorsement of this bill
and request our for patronage?                           representatives
in Congress not only to vote 
(ContinUed on page 2.1( Continued on pate 2.) 
GAME REFUGES                               BAG LIMITS 
When the    sportsmen  of New Mexico     There is now an foot a nation-wide
movevoted that a closed season on big game was ment to shorten open seasons
and reduce not necessary and that game refuges would bag limits on game.
restore our big game supply, they assumed 1 The recent convention showed
very clear- 
igation to install a refuge sys- ly that the sportsmen of this State do not
ntly complete and well managed believe in shortened or closed seasons exrestore
it.                       cept as a last resort.   They believe that 
ania. through her refuge svs- when a citizen's opportunity for outdoor 
tilt up her big game from zero recreation is reduced to a few days out of
uctive stock which successfully the year, the human value of that recrea-

kill of 500 black bear, 600 buck tion has largely disappeared. .500 wild
turkey per year.        Equally clear, however, was the entire 
convincing evidence that New willingness of the sportsmen of this State i
do likewise is the recent sue- to reduce the quantity of game that may Silver
City, Deming, Magdalena, be legally taken to as low a figure as may 6i Associations
in their mUanage- beLt.; aryto- l~oaser-ve thli,ame d aj j"61,1 lhe
Mogollon Mountains during     In short, the opportunity to hunt and see 
mting season.                  game is to the true sportsman a priceless

man who was not on the ground privilege, but the opportunity to kill more
iate the magnitude or signifi- than a small quantity is no great matter e
Mogollon experiment, nor the and is gladly surrendered in the interest rhich
Colonel G. S. Turner, of of game conservation. City G. P. A. successfully
con-   Specifically, the following reductions in his management of it.  
        bag limits were recommended to the State 
Briefly stated, Col. Turner organized a Game Department: )ool to put game
protection in the woods  DUCKS     25 per day to 15 per day. 
luring the hunting season. He had a few   GEESE     8 per day to 5 per day.

lundred dollars and one permanent warden  QUAIL-20 per day to 15 per day.
ontributed by the State Game Departnent to start with. To this he added the
 In addition, a possession limit of not to volunteer services of Forest Rangers,
cat- exceed 100 trout and two days bag limit 'lemen, sportsmen, and peace
officers until on all species of small game was recomImp. - Tiq    mildnd~
 rrp- - fh i. wmld 
le had twenty wardens in the woods. Each refuge had a warden on it. Each
hunting 3arty was met by a warden going in and ,oming out, and in addition
each camp was inspected. Every warden talked refuges and law   enforcement.
 As a result the Mogollon refuges were "sold" to both the hunters
and the game. The hunters respected the refuges as never before, and the
bucks found out that a refuge was no vain thing for safety. One cowman countOd
48 big bucks on one refuge in a few ours. 
Over 450 bucks were killed, but as a reult of the refuges there are plenty
left. D)oe killing was much kzduced as compared with previous years. The
deer of the Mogollons are universally agreed to be thriving. 
Now if refuges will work in the MogoIlons, why not elsewhere? There are 31
 ig game refuges in the State, but they are nostly in the southwestern part.
Close to en million acres of good natural big game country in the eastern
and northern sections are still without refuges (and largely without big
The convention unanimously urged that the State Game Department, in cooperation
with the local sportsmen, speedily extend the big game refuge system to the
northern and eastern counties. A similar discrepancy exists with respect
to refuges for migratory birds. Nine of these have been successfully established
on the middle section of the Rio Grande. To 
the extent that they have been enforced thav have been .markablv Fmcrfnl
be illegal for any person to possess more than 100 trout or two days' legal
bag of small game at any one time. The officers of the G. P. A. were asked
to see whether the Sportsmen's Associations of Colorado, Arizona, and Utah
would agree to work for substantially uniform bag limits on migratory birds
throughout the four States, with a view to later requesting a similar reduction
in the Federal migratory bird regulations. 
A totally closed season on Mearns Quail (commonly known as "Fool Quail")
was recommended.     This  interesting  little 
mountain species was reported as growing steadily scarcer throughout the
State. On account of its limited number and distribution it is believed to
be in danger of 
serious decimation. 
All these reductions are within the legal powers of the State Game Commission
and need not await the 1925 legislature. The G. P. A. hopes that the commission
will declare them effective before next fall. 
keeping geese and ducks in the region. Why should not the system be extended
to the Pecos, the lower Rio Grande, and the lakes of the northern counties
? The convention strongly urged that this be done. 
The Albuquerque G. P. A., in cooperation with Supervisor Kartehner of the
Manzano Forest, is restocking the Sandias with turkey. The stoek is being
obtained from  the White Mountains through the counrtesy rof the  ari("
sovi  rtsen-~w 
Containing the Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Sptsmen's Convention, Albuquerque,
March 13 and 14 
"To wisk him a rainy evening to read the following discourse; and if
he be an ho t angler, may the east wind never bow when he goes a-fshing.
"-Isaac Walton. 
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