Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-6 : Writings

Aldo Leopold wrote A Sand County Al- 
manac and Sketches Here and There in 
1948 (Oxford University Press, 1949). That 
year he died, fighting a marsh fire near his 
cabin. In 1953, Round River was edited 
from his journals by his son, the geologist 
Luna Leopold (Oxford University Press, 
Read what F. Fraser Darling, the British 
naturalist, has to say in his Pelican in the 
Wilderness (Random House, 1956) of Aldo 
Leopold, then judge for yourself whether 
you have missed anything by not reading 
these beautiful little books. 
"Aldo Leopold was the man above all 
others in America who reduced an immense 
body of sentiment and goodwill for con- 
servation to reasoned, documented, scien- 
tific reality.... Equally philosopher and 
visionary ... he set down.., facts... con- 
clusions, and ... dreams in most felicitous 
English.... His influence is all about."