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Are you the kind of eng~ineer who has what it takes to move into main n'~mr-fi-vnA.-.,,9

   If you are, you already know it.
   Now what you need to know is wh
tunities. We think you'll find General
   We're a high technology company
ers who understand technology-wor
   Today, over 60% of the top manage
degrees. In fact, over 65% of the colle,
technical degrees.
   Of course, just leadership ability <
you into management. First, you're g
experience and a broad understandin
   And we have a lot of ways to help
   One is our Manufacturing Manag
program of rotating assignments that
with different products and manufaci
   Another is our Engineering Progi
interest in product and systems desig
There's also a Field Engineering Prof
ing Program, plus a number of progra
   And all with just one aim. To give:
bility and all the perspective you neec
agement. As fast as you can manage i
   Of course, starting on a program i:
to make it into management at GE. If
specific product interest, we have mar
placement opportunities that can get
started fast, too.
   What kinds of product areas can ye
work in at GE?
   Maybe nuclear power. Or more
efficient turbine-generators. Or bettei
mass-transit systems. Or medical
equipment. Engineering plastics.
Cleaner, quieter jet engines. Commun
cations products. You name it.
   Sound interesting? Why not
send for our free careers booklet?
Just write, General Electric,
Educational Communica-
tions, W1D, Fairfield,
Connecticut 06431.
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