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Visual display of the NG156, Figured Relief

  1. Black and white photo

NG156, Figured Relief

  • ca. 0100-ca. 0299
  • Fragment of a relief with portions of two panels remaining. The top and bottom moldings are too damaged to discern the decoration. The panel on the right shows a haloed male figure wearing a short tunic and belt. He holds a bowl as if preparing to make an offering. Behind him is the architecture of a building with turret. Separating this panel from the one on the left, is the empanelled figure of a drummer standing under a tree. He seems to face the panel on the left of which only a small fragment remains with a flying figure who may be hurling a thunderbolt or offering. There is a nail hold next to the leg of the figure in the panel on the right.
  • Location found: Level 2, Shrine I S