Visual display of the Mai Suaka stove

Mai Suaka stove

  • 1985
Niamey, Niger: SONITEXTIL
  • This fabric is part of a project to promote a more environmentally friendly and efficient stove, the Mai Sauka. The blue and green backdrop features an image of two women. The woman on the left is using the Mai Suaka, has less firewood, and holds a tree seedling high into the air. The woman on the right has a larger bundle of firewood needed for her traditional three stone stove. Tree seedlings encircle the image. Text (French, Hausa, Zarma): Avec mon foyer amélioré, j'économise du bois; Murhun Zamani abkin itace; Zamaani feema tuuri hasaraw ban. Translation (French to English): With my improved stove, I save firewood.
  • Donated by John Hutchison
  • The selvage reads "S.X. 2880"

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Other title
Fabric promoting a campaign for a more efficient stove
Niamey, Niger: SONITEXTIL
French, Hausa, Songhai languages
Description of Original
Cotton, 3.5 feet by 6 feet
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