DARE Interview : Weed, California; Primary Informant CA145

  • 1969
  • Informant Data:
  • CA145: White; male; age: 60 (old); education: college; community type: village
  • Media Files:
  • Arthur the Rat. Speaker: CA145 (4:04)
  • Full Interview (Tape 0131-S1). [Additional speakers: Fieldworker’s assistant]
  • Content:
  • 00:15 Arthur the Rat
  • 04:10 Rattlesnakes supposedly blind in August because of shed skins; describes two times he grabbed one by accident
  • 08:00 Helping a friend catch rattlers to milk venom, friend backs out when faced by snakes
  • 10:50 Father finding one on his leg, killing snakes when he encounters them
  • 14:10 Going with friend to kill rattlesnakes
  • 17:05 Hunting mountain sheep, watching for three days before the kill
  • 21:50 Bear hunting—has found nine grizzlies, never wanted to shoot one
  • 24:25 Remoteness of sheep habitat, hiking in high places
  • 27:25 Hard to track sheep because they have very good vision. How they live up there
  • 30:40 Climbing Mt. Shasta
  • 33:00 Tape end
  1. Arthur the rat

  2. Full interview


Anderson, Leslie
  • 1969
  • Dictionary of American Regional English
  • English
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