Visual display of the Ecology of giant tortoises (Geochelone elephantopus) in the Galapagos Islands



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Name:  Linda Jean Cayot

Date and Place of Birth:   October 139 1951
                           Berkeley, California

Elementary School:   Cragmont School
                     Berkeley, California
                     Graduated 1962

Junior High School:   Garfield Junior High School
                      Berkeley, California
                      Graduated 1964

High School: Berkeley High School
              Berkeley, California
              Graduated 1968

College: Univeristy of California
          Berkeley, California

          Colorado State University
          Fort Collins, Colorado
          B.S.   1975

Graduate Work:  Colorado State University
                Fort Collins, Colorado
                Research Assistant 1975-1976
                Teaching Assistant, Summer 1977
                Hill Fellowship 1977-1978
                1*.S.  1978

                Syracuse University
                Syracuse, New York
                Teaching Assistant 1979-1980, 1984
                Research Assistant 1981-1983, 1985-1986
                University Fellowship 1984-1985