Lo is C. BRADSHAw     LEE C. H. ORBAcn        H. F. LINDSAY
Campaign Director     Pualicity 1Ircetor  Canipaigu Treasurer
Dr. Mott emphasized the need of a large oversubscription. He declared
that it was imperative for the morale of our forces that sufficient funds be
raised to carry on the work of these seven great war welfare agencies and
that only a large oversubscription would suffice.
"There is not a man in Wisconsin who, having seen what I have seen,
would not, if necessary, mortgage his farm that these agencies might
carry on their work."
Resolutions indicative of the spirit of the vast assembly were unan-
imously adopted at the afternoon session. F. J. Harwood of Appleton,
presented the following:
WHEREAS, President Wilson, our Commander-in-Chief in this war
for democracy, has urged that the seven welfare agencies which are
serving our fighting forces shall unite in one campaign for the raising
of their funds;
RESOLVED, that we heartily accept the recommendation of our
President and of the War Department and pledge that we will to the
fullest of our ability participate in making this united campaign a
Mr. Harwood moved the adoption of the resolution. J. W. Disch of
Milwaukee, seconded the motion and the conference unanimously carried
The second resolution, which by a unanimous rising vote of the con-
ference solidly put the state of Wisconsin back of the quota assigned it,
was introduced by J. F. Martin of Green Bay, who moved its adoption.
L. B. Wolfenson of Madison, seconded the motion. The resolution follows:
RESOLVED, that Wisconsin, in state conference assembled, accepts
its quota of $3,390,000 in the United War Work Campaign for $170,-
500,000 and pledges itself to raise this amount, for the welfare of the
fighting forces of the United States, and for the winning of the war.
The next conference of vast significance was held in Chicago at the be-
hest of Director General Mott, October 26th, exactly one month to a day
after the state conference in Milwaukee. At the Chicago meeting fourteen