under the leadership of Attorney Emerson Ela of Madison, who ultimately
was selected to head the United War Work Campaign.
After Wisconsin and many other states of the nation had outlined specific
plans for waging the Y. M. C. A.-Y. W. C. A. drive, these plans experienced
their first serious upheaval when the War Camp Community Service and
the American Library Association linked forces with the two Y. associa-
tions, thereby making                                    it a four
cornered affair.     Wisconsin may justly be proud  Conferences were
held, quotas were g   its icord i this campaign    revised and plans
were changed in    %ith   a   original  quota  o   accordance  with
the new   phases                                   and different as-
pects   attendant                                  upon the augmen-
tation of the cam                                  paign. Wisconsin
and contributed a total of over
was assigned   a   four and one-half million dollars.  quota of $2,225,000
which seemed al                                    most an impossi-
ble amount.        To9uhcei        antpsil
ble aount.    be given to the ten district chair-
When   matters   men and to the seventy o        assumed a more
normal state and                                   the officials head-
ing the drive we   county chairmen who, in the face  e  drawing  up
ther frce fo a of the worst obstacles that were Iflank  movement
their forces for a  ee   nonee      nadieo
on the pocketboo                                   ks of Wisconsin,
word came that a   any kind, refused toacknowledge
chage n te cm Idefeat or failure, anti in practi-I paign  pnstadt
change in the cam  eally every instance kept on with
been  made and                                     ta   hstm     h
megrwol        their tasks until at least theI   athsimte
merger would cont h r e
more     organiza  minimum one hundred per cent    tians. These three
were the National   a    be  en r   haee That   Catholic     War
Council,  Jewish                                   Welfare B a a r
and the Salvation  the district chairmen and ounty  Army. With these
se ven organiza     hairnen in the state are en    tions consolidated
in the one cam     titled to the greatest credit for  paiga  organiza-
tion, a more dras  the remarkable success of this  tic  revision  of
plan  anqutas  aimpaign. They and the thou-   was made impera-
plans and quotas   snso       okr     h    eoe
tive than at any                                   time since the or-
iginal campaign     heir time unstintingly to this   as launched.
The revised goal   big undcrtaking may very justly  set for Wisconsin
by these seven affi take great satisfaction in the  I late d agencies
was then $3,390,   part they had in this big piece of  000.
Girding   itself  patriotic work for the benefit of  for the herculean
efforts that lom   the boys  ho fought and helped  ed ahead for the
successful  prose  to winthe world war for dew c-
United War Work    racy.-EMNisoN ETA.              Campaign, W is-
consin set out                          be iptrs
campaign into such an organization as would triumphantly "carry on" for
the "glory troops" who helped make this world a decent place to live in by
shunting the Hoheezollern dynasty into oblivion and freeing the world
for democracy.
Representatives of the seven organizations met in their initial confer-
ence at the Pfister Hotel, Milwaukee, September 11th. The session was
called to order by Chief Justiee John B. Winslow of the Wisconsin supreme
court, who, upon motion by Emerson Fi, was elected to preside as chair-
man. M. S. Dudgeon of the American Library Association served as
secretary. It was at this meeting that Justice Vinslow was elected chair-
man of the general state committee and Mr. Ela as chairman of the state
executive committee. The closest harmony prevailed.