tion Army women; Mrs. H. H. Morgan and Miss Juliet C. Thorpe of Madi-
son, for the Woman's Committee of the State Council of Defense; Mrs.
L. D. Harvey, Menomonie, for Wisconsin Federation of Woman's Clubs;
Mrs. M. V. O'Shea, Madison, for the Consumers League; Mrs. J. A. Ayl-
ward, Madison, for Association of Collegiate Alumnae; Miss Blanche Unter-
kircher, Superior for Library women; Mrs. Edward Birkenwald, Milwau-
kee for Parent-Teacher Association.
The women aided materially in the Victory Boy and Victory Girl cam-
paigns while in some counties they had complete charge. In most coun-
ties they had a part in the actual solicitation of gifts.
"The results of the cooperation of the women in the United War Work
Campaign in Wisconsin are intangible results such as cannot be measured,"
said Miss Roe at the close of the drive. "They put into the campaign their
hopes and fears and prayers along with the most loyal and efficient service
of which women are capable. They appreciate the splendid spirit of their
men co-workers and rejoice with them over Wisconsin's glorious record in
over-subscribing this greatest gift in the history of the state."
The personnel of the women's advisory council is appended. To these
women leaders the United War Work Campaign is indebted for invaluable
service. The following district representatives worked in closest harmony
with the district chairmen of the United War Work Campaign and did
much toward the success of the drive:
District 1, Mrs. Thos. A. McDougal, Superior; District 2, Mrs. A. H.
Shoemaker, Eau Claire; District 3, Miss Susan M. Underwood, Wausau;
District 4, Dr. Minnie Hopkins, Oconto; District 5, Mrs. Lillie L. Finch,
La Crosse; District 6, Mrs. Wells D. Brooks, Green Lake; District 7, Mrs.
D. 0. Kinsman, Appleton; District 8, Miss Martha J. Meyer, Lancaster;
District 9, Mrs. J. C. Morris, Madison; District 10, Miss Grace Merrill,
The women county chairmen, who likewise worked in conjunction with
the men county chairmen deserve full commendation for their efforts-
They were:
District 1.
Ashland, Miss Cecelia Fennely, Ashland.
Douglas, Mrs. P. G. Stratton, Superior.
Iron, Miss Agnes Boyington, Hurley.
Bayfleld, Mrs. P. T. Trowbridge, Washburn.
Sawyer, Mrs. C. D. Stillman, Hayward.
Washburn, Miss Lucy Leonard, Shell Lake.
Burnett, Mrs. L. R. Roberts, Webster.
District 2.
Eau Claire, Miss Lilia E. Johnson, Eau Claire.
Chippewa, Mrs. Edmund Porter, Cornell.
Dunn, Miss Eda A. Gilkerson, Menomonie.
Pierce, Mrs. W. D. Doolittle, Ellsworth.
Barron, Mrs. H. L. Goodrich, Cumberland.
Rusk, Mrs. R. March, Ladysmith.
Pepin, Mrs. H. M. Orlady, Durand.
Polk, Mrs. John Klinka, Balsam Lake.
St. Croix, Mrs. Helen Smith Coe, New Richmond.
Mrs. Swenum Swenumson, Baldwin.