AS CONDUCTED IN WISCONSIN                                          31
Indicative of the splendid response on the part of Wisconsin communi-
ties was the report from New Holstein in Calumet county, which, with a
150 per cent allotment of $2,000, subscribed $2,700.
One of the most striking examples of the public spiritedness and loyalty
of Wisconsin residents was the assistance given at the state office by
Professor A. C. Tilton, who is connected with the staff of the University of
Wisconsin. Mr. Tilton gave most generously of his time and energies.
For many successive weeks he devoted almost every afternoon to the cam-
paign, during which he freely gave his services at the office of the state
Wisconsin wound up its first post-war effort in a blaze of glory by sub-
scribing 134 per cent of its quota in the United War Work Campaign. The
state subscribed the greatest benevolent sum ever raised in its history.
Prior to the United War Work Campaign Wisconsin's high mark in benevol-
ences was $2,250,000 in the last Red Cross drive. This was more than
doubled in the United War Work Campaign.
Tabulated figures show that, of the seventy-one counties of the state,
sixty-five oversubscribed, their original allotments. Seventeen counties
subscribed 150 per cent or more. Monroe county leads the state with 185
per cent. Brown, with 176, Calumet, with 173, Price with 168 and Mar-
quette and Green Lake with 165 per cent each, follow in the order named.