The student division of the drive was responsible for the campaign in
all schools of collegiate rank. Dr. Arnold B. Hall of the political science
department of the University of Wisconsin and Miss Amanda C. Nelson of
Chicago, an experienced student organizer, officiated as student executives
for the drive. With them were associated George A. Burns of Milwaukee,,
and Mrs. E. R. Bowler of Sheboygan, with the special responsibility for
the Catholic colleges.
The success of the student campaign is eloquently attested by the splen-
did results attained. A total of over $75,000 was subscribed.
Publicity material consisting of educational pamphlets, posters and
splendid sets of slides illustrating the war work of the seven organizations
represented in the drive, was sent to each college chairman. There was a
very close touch with the speaker's bureau and speakers were provided
wherever desired, both for education and for convocation.
No definite goal was set for the state or for the individual college, ex-
cept in a few instances but the average ten dollar per capita gift was sug-
gested and 100 per cent subscriptions were strongly recommended.
Splendid service was given the student division by Miss Elizabeth Amery
and Miss Agnes Boeing of the home economics department of the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin; Miss Ruth Stole of the War Camp Community Service
in Milwaukee and D. M. Weller of the Army Y. M. C. A. of the University
of Wisconsin. These four visited most of the colleges and were able to
give much assistance in the setting up of the local campaigns and in creat-
ing enthusiasm.
There were thirty-six universities and colleges which had the cam-
paign, ranging from the University of Wisconsin with five thousand stu-
dents to the small college or academy of fifty or sixty students. All the
schools were affected by the epidemic of influenza, the ban being lifted at
the University of Wisconsin only a day or two before the convocation.
Some of the larger normal schools did not open until after the campaign
dates were over, so that it was with difficulty that the campaign was
carried on.
Milton College was probably the banner school in sacrificial giving
where one hundred students gave $1,060.
The report by colleges is as follows:
Lawrence College, Appleton ----------------------------------$700.00
Northland College, Ashland ---------------------------------  452.00
Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam -------------------------------380.00
Beloit College, Beloit ----------------------------------------  600.00
St. John's Military Academy, Delafield ------------------------2,300.00
Evansville Seminary, Evansville ------------------------------ 45.00
State Normal, La Crosse -------------------------------------  102.71
Northwestern Military Academy, Lake Geneva -----------------2,360.50
University of Wisconsin, Madison --------------------------- 38,897.16.
Milton College, Milton --------------------------------------- 1,060.00
Concordia College, Milwaukee ------------------------------  107.55
Marquette University, Milwaukee ----------------------------4,541.50
Stout Institute, Menomonie ----------------------------------1,400.00
Nat'l German American Teachers Seminary -------------------  212.25