The respective organizations were represented at this conference by the
Y. M. C. A.-Emerson Ela, Madison; H. F. Lindsay and F. E. Anderson,
Milwaukee; Louis C. Bradshaw, Racine; Lee C. H. Orbach, Madison.
Y. W. C. A.-Mrs. Jas. S. Church, Milwaukee; Miss Clara S. Roe, Madi-
National Catholic War Council-J. F. Martin, Green Bay; Walter M.
Burke, Kenosha.
Jewish Welfare Board-L. B. Wolfenson, Madison; Rabbi Chas. S. Levi,
War Camp Community Service-W. F. McCaughey, Racine.
American Library Association-Chief Justice J. B. Winslow, and M. S.
Dudgeon, Madison.
Salvation Army-Ensign J. Geo. Barry and J. W. Disch, Milwaukee.
The State committee, which elected Chief Justice Winslow as chairman,
was composed as follows:
Y. M. C. A. ------------------------Emerson Ela, Madison
F. E. Anderson, Milwaukee
H. F. Lindsay, Milwaukee
Y. W. C. A. ------------------------Mrs. James S. Church, Milwaukee
Clara S. Roe, Madison
Mrs. W. L. Roach, Madison
War Camp Community Service --      Justice M. B. Rosenberry, Madison
Fred Vogel, Jr., Milwaukee
F. J. Sensenbrenner, Neenah
American Library Association --    Justice John B. Winslow, Madison
M. S. Dudgeon, Madison
Chas. E. McLenagan, Milwaukee
National Catholic War Council--    Wm. J. Nuss, Sheboygan
(Knights of Columbus)       Walter M. Burke, Kenosha
Rev. Joseph E. Hanz, Beloit
Jewish Welfare Board -------------Prof. L. B. Wolfenson, Madison
Rabbi Chas. S. Levi, Milwaukee
Nat. Stone, Milwaukee
Salvation Army ------------------- Brig. Smith, Milwaukee
J. W. Disch, Milwaukee
A. T. Van Scoy, Milwaukee
During the course of the organization meeting at Milwaukee Mr. Ela
reviewed the progress that had been made up to that time in the develop-
ment of the Army Y. M. C. A. campaign, commencing with the national
conference at New York City which he attended June 3, 1918, and which
was subsequently followed by a conference at Chicago of the representa-
tives of the fourteen states in the central military department, of which
Wisconsin is a member. At one of the earlier conferences the state of
Wisconsin was organized with a state committee of which Mr. Ela was
elected chairman. In the elucidation of the work so far accomplished
relative to the Army Y. M. C. A. campaign, Mr. Ela asserted in his verbal
report that for the sixty days prior to the conference, September 11, every
effort had been made to perfect a field organization preparatory for the
big drive which at that time had been scheduled for October. He de-
clared that district chairmen had been chosen in each of the ten districts
and that county chairmen had been appointed in practically every county